| 2 hours ago
We're not sure when we fell in love with Rachel McAdams, but she's by far our favorite Canadian. From idolizing her as Regina George in Mean Girls to swooning when she played Allie alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, we've always been... more
| 14 hours ago
Frozen's Elsa is one stylish snow queen, making her a perfect candidate for your next Halloween costume. But even with the perfect gown, gloves, and shoes, this icy heroine wouldn't be complete without strong brows and eyes. Don... more
| 20 hours ago
It's officially fall, but in some parts of the country, the weather may not reflect it. While you may be dreaming of wearing chunky sweaters and drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, warmer temps may have you opting for T-shirts and iced... more
| 21 hours ago
When your outfit needs minimal accessorizing, this DIY lariat necklace will add just the right amount of detail for any occasion.
| 22 hours ago
The fall TV season may have just kicked off for many of these shows, but you can still do a little binge watching to catch up on them. It's also a great time to pick up a new series because you can start at the beginning thanks to... more
| 3 days ago
Are you desperately in need of an incentive to work out? Here are a few tips to motivate you when all you really want to do is watch Netflix.
| 4 days ago
Big, messy braids were all over the NYFW runway this year; so much so that they spilled over into music festivals, street style, and even casual weddings! While getting the perfect messy braid is often easier said than done, this... more
| 5 days ago
Whether you were born with Little Mermaid–like tresses or have a fabulous colorist who bestowed them upon you, makeup for red hair is extraspecial. With its warm, rich color, your makeup can follow suit, creating a perfectly polished... more
| 5 days ago
The secret to finding the perfect blush for you is selecting one that enhances your skin's natural flush. We've rounded up the 15 best drugstore blush options for five different skin tones to create this guide. After all, you don't have to... more
| 6 days ago
Channel some of the world's coolest girl groups this fall with three outfit ideas inspired by Fifth Harmony, Girls' Generation, and Little Mix.

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| 1 week ago
Celebrities and street-style stars make boyfriend jeans look so effortlessly chic. But the truth is, boyfriend jeans' relaxed fit can make them tricky to style. Read on for foolproof tips on how to get the relaxed denim to look just... more
| 1 week ago
Since the show's debut in 2009, Modern Family has racked up an amazing 100 awards and more than 250 award nominations. And though we love the show's crazy characters, there's no doubt that this talented cast deserves the kudos for bringing... more
| 1 week ago
Spice up your everyday hair routine using one of these amazing braided hairstyles by Ulrika Edler, our go-to hair guru of Yet Another Beauty Site. With everything from fishtails to updos to lace braids and beyond, you'll find a... more
| 1 week ago
It makes sense financially to get the most out of the pieces you have in your closet rather than adding more to it (that is what my mom calls getting "bang for your buck"). A black-and-white striped dress is a versatile,... more
| 1 week ago
Everyone needs a little confidence boost from time to time, and daily affirmations are just the way to get one. First, discover how daily affirmations can reduce stress, increase focus, and help you achieve your goals and dreams. Then... more
| 1 week ago
From mandalas to cross-stitch, check out some of the most beautiful tattoo trends to emerge in 2015. There's something here for everyone!
| 1 week ago
We get it. Not everyone was born to love the treadmill. However, exercise is generally required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if you absolutely hate it. Good thing the gym isn't the only place to get your sweat on. Read on for... more
| 1 week ago
Leopard print is a fun and popular design that is super-easy to create. It's also easy to embellish and customize. I painted mine in fall-appropriate shades and added glitter to celebrate the new season! Follow this easy tutorial... more
| 1 week ago
Embrace the latest home decor trend by adding texture, color, and interest to your walls with this simple, boho-chic DIY wall art.
| 1 week ago
There are a few key things you can do to get ready as you count down the days to homecoming. Check out the eight things I have on my prep list to make sure I'm photo-ready!