Facial Exercise Prevents Plastic Surgery Regrets

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Plastic surgery regrets appear to be rampant as more and more people reveal that they are dissatisfied with their surgeries, and it just may be a result of unrealistic expectations. Why? Is it because plastic surgeons are human, not magicians, or is it a result of poor workmanship via a scalpel?

Even cosmetic filler injections that plump and paralyze do not always provide the look of youthfulness that is desired; just recently Kim Kardashian was complaining in the news that Botox injections around her eyes left her bruised and she is unhappy with those results.

Kim is not alone; the website Cosmetic Surgery Bible has researched the industry and discovered that only 37 percent of those surgically enhanced subjects polled liked their results. This is stunning news that makes one wonder why, if the odds of disliking a procedure is so great, is it worth the pain, risk, and expense to choose this modality at all.

Seeing a saggy, droopy face looking back at you is no laughing matter. Seeing the look of old does nothing to lift your spirits or your confidence; a tired, old looking face can create the feeling of a bad hair day every day. Witnessing the development of jowls, pouches, and other sagging facial features creates a feeling of hopelessness, and this feeling can in turn cause long term damage to the psyche—even desperation.

The old adage, “desperate people do desperate things” has probably fueled the plastic surgery industry. Even though the results might be less than stellar, desperate women and men continue to use these procedures just hoping that their faces will not become a statistic for the negative side of surgery or injections.

Did you know that when you reach your late thirties the production of collagen is lessened and droopiness can become apparent seemingly overnight?

If you closely examine your face you might see that your eyelids are lined, even loosely pooling downward toward the lashes, perhaps the lines are beginning to extend to the outer eye as crow’s feet begin their development. Maybe your lower mouth doesn’t look as firm as it did even a few weeks ago, or that little wattle under your chin is beginning to appear more prominent.

Clearly the face shows age from the outward influences of sun, but stress and life experience can also add years to your appearance. Turning back the hands of time is appealing and it is easy.

Facial exercise that uses isometric contraction will allow you to not only lift sagging facial features, but the exercises take only seconds to complete and the results are noticeable almost immediately. Isometric exercise has been demonstrated to stimulate tissue growth, burn fat, and strengthen the muscles that support your skin.

In the face, the muscles are attached directly to the skin so when you plump up, contour, and reposition sagging facial muscles, your skin receives the benefit of increased oxygenation and nutrients. Facial exercise that uses isometric training is strength building for the face; these muscle movements contract the muscles and provide you with a younger looking face.

Using facial exercise rather than injections that plump and paralyze, or surgeries that leave tell-tale suture lines is a risk free, sure-fire way to create and maintain a younger looking face. Without pain, risk of infection, and even disappointment, your face can look like it did five, ten, even fifteen years ago. Exercise will tone, tighten, and lift sagging facial muscles by addressing all regions of the face and neck.

Double chins can flatten, jowls and pouches can lift, a lined and tired forehead can revitalize and smooth; in fact, upper cheeks, lower cheeks, downturned mouths, sagging necklines, and even your nose can greatly benefit from isometric exercises. When tired, sagging facial muscles begin to awaken with new life, and you will see and feel the difference.

What could be better? A new you is possible and you don’t have to spend time away from family and friends, do anything risky or spend those hard-earned after tax dollars on something that has no guarantee of success. Facial exercise creates beauty naturally. 


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