Be a Goddess on Mother’s Day: Scent Sommelier

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Bring the brilliance of brassy bling to the mom in your life (including yourself) with a special gift of Michael Kors goddess-worthy Hawaii. Kors has teamed up with Calyx Luxury Flowers to offer the Hawaii eau de toilette with a vase of Asiatic orange lilies just for Mother’s Day. Dubbed “a new destination in fragrance,” the bright, tropical notes of clementine, orange, neroli, ginger lily, pineapple, and sandalwood in Hawaii will waft around you from head to toe like a gentle island breeze. A whisper of this scent will have any mom feeling like the goddess she truly is! Hawaii is both fresh and floral at once, and the scent is pure and golden, like sunset reflecting on a bay. This volcanic eruption—a pahoehoe of petals—will dry down to a softer, natural floral in about five minutes, and blends nicely with your skin’s own scent, which means it goes nicely with a sarong … shoes not required!

The pampered goddess experience continues: Missoni has released Missoni Eau de Toilette, a youthful, floral experience steeped in notes of peony, magnolia, and rose followed by Gianduia chocolate and fluid amber. There’s a spark of gold in this scent—a metallic glimmer, a twinkling, lustrous element. So wear the eau de toilette with bangle bracelets and a bronze tan … enjoy the way it melts into a warm glow by sunset. If Ponds or Hydroderm have serums to make you look younger, Missoni has given us this bright, shiny fragrance to make you smell younger: this is the scent of summer break spent basking in the sun, of evaporating water, of the gleam of each individual grain of sand on your favorite beach.

Michael Kors Island Hawaii, with Calyx and Corolla orange lilies, $129.95, available at Calyx Flowers. The fragrance is available alone at Nordstrom and other retail outlets.


Missoni Eau de Toilette, $85, at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and select Bloomingdales.

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