Gothic Gardens and Playful Picnics: Scent Sommelier

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Two fragrances from opposite ends of the scent spectrum will be released over the next few weeks. Tangled roots and dew-kissed blooms can be found in Geranium Bourbon’s garden while Daisy Marc Jacobs is a happy picnic in the shade …


Geranium Bourbon from Miller Harris

New this month from London perfumer Miller Harris is Geranium Bourbon. Sophisticated, deep, and profound, it is, as the name suggests, like the scent of an English garden after the rain … specifically, a version of that garden as Klimt would have painted it, with curling vines, tangled, mossy roots, errant blooms poking through cast-iron gates, and wanton lovers nested in quilts of gold. Here, a woman can lose herself in a maze—a maze of six-foot-high hedges from which she leaves only once she has succumbed to and triumphed over it. With its notes of cassis berries, lemon geranium, and heady Turkish rose, you will find Gothic intrigue and flushed sensuality growing in the gardens of Geranium Bourbon.

Smell it for yourself: Geranium Bourbon, Eau de parfum $120, Fragrance Balm with 100% natural ingredients $55, at Miller Harris and select Saks Fifth Avenue locations.


Daisy Marc Jacobs

If Geranium Bourbon evokes images of Klimt, then the new Daisy Marc Jacobs, available in August, evokes Renoir. Fit for a rosy-faced cherub throwing a tea party in the dappled shade, this eau de toilette is innocent, light, and joyful. Daisies have no fragrance of their own, but the perfumers at Coty have captured the innocence and purity of this flower for Marc Jacobs using notes of violet, strawberry, jasmine, and gardenia over a dry down of musk, vanilla, and white woods. It’s truly floral, yet not sweet in aroma—only in character. Daisy is a picnic on the grass without the ants, a sunny blue sky without the glare, a row across the lake without the fear of sudden summer storms … in short, a happy memory, embellished.

Smell it for yourself: Daisy Marc Jacobs, Eau de toilette $55 and $70, at and select specialty retailers. 

Photo courtesy of Miller Harris

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