Meeting the One: How to Find Your Signature Scent

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The hunt for a signature fragrance is like the search for Mr. Right or for the right shade of red lipstick. And once found—you’re hard pressed to let them slip away. But in order to avoid becoming the fragrance equivalent of one of those disillusioned souls with outdated coral lip hues, you do eventually need to update your scent style (even if you stick with the same man).

Not only are there just TOO many good items on the shelves to stick with one brew, but it’s boring for your senses (and everyone else’s!) After only four or five days of sniffing the same mixture, you stop smelling it properly, a nasal wear-down called olfactory fatigue. So imagine what happens after four or five years.

So where to begin?

Even if you found your favorite fragrance in 1981, don’t become so dedicated that you’ll feel unfaithful spritzing another mix. You may be surprised what you find out there—because after all, there are thousands of women’s fragrances on the market today. Use the Fragrance Finder to update an old time love of a fragrance with something new and modern. After all, sticking to one scent is like having one pair of shoes in a great big world of Manolo and Jimmy Choos.

The Die-Hard Romantic
If you are a die hard romantic and relate best to Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, or Goldie Hawn, you’ll love these scents:

The Outgoing Socialite
If you are a socialite, party-girl and relate best to Alyssa Milano, Madonna, or Gwen Stefani, you’ll love these scents:

The City Slicker
If you are a busy, trendy city slicker and relate best to Sarah Jessica Parker, Agyness Dean, or Ashley Olsen,you’ll love these scents:

The Quiet Stay-at-Home Girl
If you are a quiet homebody and relate best to Cynthia Nixon, Emma Watson,or Gwyneth Paltrow, you’ll love these scents:

  • Summer: Try Angel by Thierry Mugler,a soft oriental vanilla that is sweet and warm and tinged with fresh citrus
  • Winter: Try Sensuous by Estee lauder, a warm honey and sandalwood base with hints of black pepper and ylang ylang
  • Date Night: Try Allure by Chanel, a tangy oriental meant to project “an innocent seduction without artifice”

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