The Scents of Winter


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On the other end of the scent spectrum, I’m also loving Escada’s new Especially Escada.  It’s a much more floral, feminine scent – nothing cake-like about this one – but it’s a really nice modern, fresh scent.  It has an interesting mix of notes – Pear, Rose, Ambrette Seeds and Ylang Ylang with some Musky Notes mixed in.  I like that the musky finish stops it from being a straight floral because I’m not a big fan of those, and the Pear note gives it a little bit of sweetness to round it out.  I think I’m giving this one to my sister for her birthday just because I know she’ll love it every bit as much as I do.  (Good thing she’s busy with two toddlers and doesn’t have time to read this site!)
What about you guys?  Any recent scent discoveries that you can’t wait to talk about?




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