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Seven Niche Perfumers and Their Fabulous Fragrances

  • Celine Ellena, The Different Company

    Hailing from a long line of perfumers, Celine Ellena took over from her father, Jean-Claude Ellena, when he became house perfumer at Hermès. She promptly created a classic with Sel de Vetiver, proving that perfume and talent run in the Ellena family. Don’t Miss: Oriental Lounge ($145, Luckyscent)

  • John Bailey, The Perfumers Guild

    Recently elected vice president of the British Society of Perfumers, John Bailey has fragrance roots that stretch from London to Grasse and beyond. His ultra-niche perfumery, founded in 1981, has a devoted international following that loves his classic fragrances and philosophy of offering quality, luxury perfumes at affordable prices. Don’t miss: Queen of Sheba (40£ [US$65], The Perfumers Guild)

  • DelRae Roth, Parfums DelRae

    Inspired by her lifelong love of perfume, San Francisco-based designer DelRae Roth founded Parfums DelRae in 2000 and quickly made her mark on the perfume world. Working with some of the best-known perfumers in the industry, DelRae Roth perfumes are beautifully made and always sniffable. Don’t Miss: Amoureuse, created with Michel Roudnitska. ($135, Parfums DelRae)

  • Andy Tauer, Tauer Perfumes

    Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer, who hails from an IT background, launched his line in 2005. His handmade perfumes are distinctive and different in the best sense of the word. He recently redesigned his packaging, and now the bottles are as singular as his fragrances. Don’t miss: L’Air du Desert Marocain ($125, Luckyscent)

  • Linda Pilkington, Ormonde Jayne

    Linda Pilkington has been a passionate perfume collector since childhood, and in 2002, she opened her first shop and never looked back. Using unusual ingredients of the finest quality, Ormonde Jayne features some of the most beautiful, wearable fragrances you’ll ever sniff. Her fans are anxiously awaiting a U.S. store. Don’t miss: Ormonde Woman (70£ [US$112], Ormonde Jayne)

  • Frederic Malle, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Frederic Malle created Editions de Parfums in 2000 with the idea to start a line of fragrances created by different perfumers under his aegis, much like an editor at a book publishing house. Free from the constraints of brand marketing, his perfumers have created a line of perfumes unlike any other. Visit one of his “scent chambers” at Barneys New York or at one of his boutiques to fully experience Malle’s scented world. Don’t miss: Carnal Flower ($215, Barneys New York)

  • Michael Boadi, Boadicea the Victorious and Illuminum

    Michael Boadi launched Boadicea the Victorious in 2007 after a successful career as a hair stylist and being featured on the pages of Vogue and W magazines. The line, with its pewter-clad bottles and some intriguing scents, was a success, but he shot into the stratosphere when Kate Middleton wore White Gardenia Petals from his new Illuminum line on her wedding day. Don’t miss: Delicate ($175, Luckyscent)


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