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Ten Ideal Beachy Scents for Your Next Tropical Vacation

  • Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot

    This company specializes in beach-inspired scents, and Vanille Abricot is its most popular seller since 1992. The addition of vanilla and sugar mellows the invigorating mix of papaya and apricot. ($85,

  • Bobbi Brown beach

    For anyone who’s wished to bottle the essence of a perfect beach day—warm sand, sunny moods, and the aroma of citrus and sea mist mingling in the air—Bobbi Brown did the hard work for you. The inclusion of sea spray and sand jasmine makes the experience that much more authentic. ($55, Bobbi Brown)

  • Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray

    Tuscan blood orange … doesn’t that paint such an enticing picture in your head? Ah, but it gets better; beneath the burst of blood orange are notes of strawberry and raspberry, creating a veritable fruit bouquet for your senses. ($22,

  • Escada Taj Sunset

    Sadly, this limited-edition perfume will go the way of Escada’s previous limited-edition (and much beloved) tropical fragrance, Pacific Palisades, by the end of 2011. Enjoy the blend of coconut, sweet primrose, and mango while you can. ($49.95, Amazon)

  • Marc Jacobs Pomegranate Splash

    Tropical scents aren’t always all about orange or vanilla. A tartly sweet pomegranate can be just as reminiscent of hot, humid days spent splashing about in the water. 

  • Clinique Happy

    The name says it all—this scent’s peppy blend of ruby red grapefruit and Hawaiian wedding flower is an instant mood booster. Plus, it’s on the light side, so it’ll make your step that much bouncier as you frolic on vacation. ($55, Sephora)

  • Miami Glow by JLo

    Whereas Clinique Happy is bright and optimistic, La Lopez’s Miami Glow is a heady, almost sensual infusion of vanilla orchid, amber, musk, passion fruit, and black currant. One sniff, and you might just feel a little more sun-kissed. ($24.56, Amazon)

  • Estée Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

    Estée Lauder brings a touch of grace and elegance to the tropics with classic elements like tuberose, lilac, and carnation. Middle notes of orange flower and jasmine give the eau de parfum an island feel. ($135, Esté

  • Guerlain Terracotta Eau Sous le Vent Body Mist

    Not only does this specialized body mist moisturize the skin while enhancing its color (via Tan Booster complex), but it also lightly perfumes the skin with Tiare flower. Spray it on before heading out to the beach, or after a long day under the sun. ($55, Nordstrom)

  • Fresh Sugar Lemon

    Sugar and lemon are two key ingredients in the first drink you should order on your upcoming tropical vacation, and Sugar Lemon (combined with lychee flower and Italian bergamot) could be the scent you wear while standing at the bar. If the smell doesn’t put you in a cheerful mood, the drink surely will. ($24.50, Sephora)


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