A new hairstyle is a fun, fast, and non-permanent way to change up your look. (After all, it grows out!) Have your eye on a favorite celebrity hairstyle? We have the hair tutorials you need to get the look. We ask expert hairstylists for their tips and tricks on everything from cut and style to tools and hair treatments. Learn about the products and insider info you need to achieve a healthy and fabulous mane.
New York Fashion Week may be over (for now), but we're still dreaming about these looks. Follow these step-by-step tutorials from the pros and recreate these couture looks from home.
Ditch the blow dryer, the curling iron and the straightener with these fab no-heat hair styles. Not only will you save tons of time getting ready, but skipping the heat will also keep your hair healthier and shinier in the long run. So,... more
Celebrities are the ultimate source for hair inspiration. They're constantly photographed, always look flawless and change up their hair styles on a regular basis. So, naturally, we've curated a list of our favorite celebrities rocking... more
Accent braids add a cute and casual feeling to so many hairstyles. Here are three different ways to add a braid to a bun and a ponytail, and when your hair is down. Try rocking one of these accent braids—there's something for every... more
We're all busy, on-the-go babes, so skipping a hair wash here or there isn't unusual. But looking like you skipped a shampoo isn't an option. Good news: You can revive that dirty, greasy, or lifeless hair without the suds by using dry... more
Sometimes, more formal occasions—your sweetie's holiday party, your best friend's wedding, or even a night on the town—call for a new, sophisticated style. But you don't need to book an appointment at the salon. With this hair tutorial,... more
This high ponytail is playful, sexy, and full of body! Use these tips and tricks to make yours look pretty and fresh throughout the day.
Does your everyday hair need a pick-me-up? Consider a hair accessory! Accessorizing is all about making a hairstyle more interesting, fun and cute, so check out these three ways you can work colorful ribbons into your next 'do.
Deciding on a new hair color can be daunting—there are so many to choose from—but the answer may be right in front of you. James Corbett, Clairol color director, says skin tones can be broken down into three basic categories (cool, warm... more
Finding an interesting way to wear your hair doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming. This cute braided hairstyle is easy to do in just minutes and perfect for lots of occasions. Give it a try today!
At-home hair coloring is a quick way to change up your look, but it can be a daunting undertaking. We talked to James Corbett, Clairol color director, to get his advice for tips and tricks for achieving the perfect at-home color.
Learn how to create a fabulous, braided hair headband perfect for end-of-summer festivities, breezy date nights or hitting the books this fall. This fast and easy style will have you ready in minutes, looking pretty, polished and fresh!
You can make this casual half updo in the time it takes to tie a knot. Really! It's easy, fresh, and perfect for any day, outfit, or social gathering!
The trial-and-error process of maintaining frizz-free curls in the summer can seem like a full-time job. We've given you a vacation from the hassle by rounding up and reviewing the best products for curly hair.
Rock this double-decker ponytail and add a little pep to your step. This playful look also help make your hair appear longer and fuller. We feel a date night coming on!
If you're bored with your hairstyle and want to update your look, you have a lot of choices. Sure, you could get a fresh cut, add highlights, or even darken it. But sometimes you want something new, something you can't grow or dye. When it... more
Whether you're wearing a complicated updo or the most simple side part, it's easy to elevate your hairstyle with artful and architectural placement of bobby pins. Yes, that's right: bobby pins. These styles show you how.
Extra sunshine and long days at the beach can wreak havoc on your hair. Follow these expert tips and product suggestions to keep your summer hair healthy all season long.
Create this fresh, casual fishtail braid for weddings, showers, garden parties, or anytime you want to wear your hair with a little romantic flair. Our tutorial makes it easy!
Thick, lustrous Asian hair can be resistant to curling. Here are a few easy steps to follow to create long-lasting curl with volume and bounce!
Wear this messy side ponytail for all your fun summer adventures. It's perfect when you want to look put together yet casual and fun. Follow these five easy steps to get the style!
Don't get us wrong—we love the fantastic attire at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but we're really just checking out the models and their cover-worthy beach waves. This carefree look is ideal for summer but can be tricky to perfect.... more
If you're looking for the perfect new style to spice up your summer, look no further. We talked with the pros to find out what's hot right now. Some hair trends from previous years are sticking around, and others have been reinvented for... more
You'll feel like royalty when you wear a crown braid on the top of your head. Here's how to get the look!
We vow to love wedding hairstyles for long hair all the days of our lives! To show our commitment, we scoured thousands of beautiful pictures on Pinterest—our favorite place to plan that dream wedding—for fresh wedding day looks. Check out... more
Sulfate-free shampoos promise to leave hair hydrated and more vibrant, so we got the scoop from hair care experts—plus rounded up our faves—to help you make the switch and find the best sulfate-free shampoo for your budget.
It doesn't take a lot of work or extra time to create easy, summer hair. And we're not talking basic ponytails here. Try one of these three chic styles for beach hair you'll love—no matter where the water is.
If it seems like girls with long hair have all the hair fun, don't despair. Girls with shorter hair can wear braids, too. This simple braided hairstyle is fast-moving, allowing for a loose, unstructured style that's easy to create—perfect... more
Want to wear a glam birdcage veil for your wedding but still searching for the right hairstyle? Here's a quick and easy DIY way to wear to this fabulous look. This hairstyle is good for longer bobs and hair that skims the shoulders.
A bridesmaid has a lot of responsibility. Looking lovely on your girlfriend's big day is one of the most important things you'll do—all those people, all those pictures!—so you don't want your wedding hairstyle to be a source of stress. We... more
Whether you're rocking long locks, natural curls, or a pretty pixie, the best styles start with healthy hair. If you're wondering how often you should go between trims, which temperature is best for washing, or how often you should even be... more
The rising summer temps call for a hair change. Instead of throwing your hair up into an expected topknot, try one of these new summer hairstyles. If you think you lack the hair skills to make it happen, don't fret. We've scrolled to... more
This rope braid updo hairstyle is sure to keep strands in place, frizz at bay, and you feeling light and fresh all summer long. Bonus: This roping method is easy to accomplish with two strands, so it's a great style that anyone can create.
Hot summer months call for easy updos that keep your neck and back cooler. This braided updo is casual yet adds a little polish to your style. Here's how to get this summer chic style.
From pretty pixie crops to long, beachy locks, summer is the season of sexy hairstyles. Look through our roundup of the best summer haircuts, with celeb-inspired looks that are playful and easy to wear. We have a cut for strands of every... more
Upgrade your basic braid with a pair of slim, three-strand braids tucked into a loose French braid. The look is cute and casual—perfect for summer fun.
Why settle for pulling back your hair in a simple barrette when you could wow 'em with this cool Celtic knot? See how easy it is to create this half-updo hairstyle.
Give the common fishtail braid some extra flair by inverting the braid forward with this fun and easy technique.
Are you in a hurry? Maybe you don't have a lot of time to spend on your hair, but you still need to look good! Try this easy hairstyle you can do in less than 5 minutes.
Give short hair a boost and make it look fuller with this quick and easy ponytail tutorial for short-haired gals.
Create a cute and casual updo perfect for those days when you want something that looks special without a lot of extra time.
If you can twirl and twist your hair (and we know you can), then you can create this easy rope braid bun in less than 5 minutes.
Give your basic braid a fresh twist with this cute style that layers multiple braids over each other. Clever, fun, easy!
Feeling a little knotty lately? Me too! Hair knotty, that is. Here's how to get Carey Mulligan's updo in 7 easy steps. It's as simple as twist and pin.
Today, we'd like to introduce you to one of the girls that makes us Divine: Ulrika Elder. This hair lover—the voice of Yet Another Beauty Site and a frequent contributor to this site—inspires us with her truly effortless and gorgeous... more
Volume, height, and lift. When it comes to our hair, these three little words are everything! Here are the tips and products you need to turn limp locks into runway ready looks.
If you're bored with your typical ponytail, then add this special detail for a fresh, new take on the classic.
Are you ready to say goodbye to relaxers for good? A return to natural hair could be for you. Here's what our expert had to say.
Ladies, can we get real? I know it's hard to resist that creamy crack—hair relaxers. But we can get through this another way—with natural hair updos. Check out our collection of YouTube tutorials. They will help you find new ways to look... more
Look like a runway model with these hairstyles from New York Fashion Week.
This easy, boho look requires nothing more than basic braiding. Here's how to get the look in minutes.
Kate Bosworth's faux hawk braid is both sophisticated and edgy. This style works best with medium to long hair with a medium to thick texture.  Photos: GG/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES​ To get the look, follow these step-... more
Aveda Guest Stylist Jon Reyman brings his interpretation of the modern nomad to designer Ann Yee's runway during the Fall/Winter 2014 shows at New York Fashion Week.
As I write this, a blanket of snow covers New York Fashion Week, so it seems strange to talk about spring 2014 hair trends. But I don't really think of hair in terms of the seasons. A beautiful style is always vogue. That said, here... more
We love a good sneak peek behind the metaphorical curtain. Today, we'd like to introduce you to our hair expert (the wizard of ahhhhs!): Jenny Strebe. We love her because she comes with lots of salon experience, much of that as an... more
With warm weather approaching, it's time you perfected your beach babe look. Learn how to get sexy beach waves with this quick tutorial.
Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love—of our friends, our sweethearts, and our hair! Try out this braided, heart-shaped style for a night out or a cozy dinner at home.  It might look complicated, but it's... more
Let's talk hair growth. Remember when `the lob' was the latest craze? And we cut our hair into shaggy bobs a la model Catherine McNeil, flooding Instagram with pics of our lonely locks on the salon floor: hashtag #... more
There is nothing more refreshing than a flirty braid, and two of spring's most anticipated braid styles are the fishtail and milkmaid. Here's how you can blend the trends like Jennifer Morrison did with this hair braid.... more
Many of us have hectic schedules and don't have a lot of time to spend on our hair. That's why I'm happy to show you one of my favorite braided hairstyles that you can do in just a few minutes. The best part is, you don... more
Everyone desires lustrous locks that bounce as you walk, shimmering in the light as if you just stepped off the set of a shampoo commercial. You might think this stuff is pure fantasy, but you're wrong! Shiny hair is achievable at home... more
I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy hairstyles to create when I’m in a hurry, and I’ve found another stylish one to share with you. Inspired by red carpet looks rocked by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Eva... more
Add a glitzy ribbon to your braids for a festive spin on the classic Heidi hairstyle. This hair tutorial will have you holiday ready in no time!
Bounce around holiday parties with these playful curls. Everything looks more festive wrapped in a bow! Learn how any ribbon can be turned into a holiday hair accessory with this tutorial.
Who says only those with long locks can pull off an updo? Try this simple hairstyle designed for those with shorter hair to get your look red carpet-ready in no time.
The ballerina bun is a hot hairstyle for the holiday season, and this chic twist on the sleek style makes it even more on pointe (pun intended).
Bring Old-Hollywood glam to your holiday looks with this sexy, retro hairstyle. Pair this bombshell hair with a sparkling holiday dress, red lipstick, and mistletoe.
The holidays are the perfect time to try a few new ‘dos and really make a grand entrance at your seasonal soirées. In this hairstyle, your hair transforms into your best accessory—a bow! If you didn’t know, bows... more
Have your short hair and texture, too. The Shirley Temple look was cute when you were little, but now you need your curls to grow up. Check out our steps for flirty waves fit for date night.
The holiday hair season is officially here and what’s more festive than a fancy braid? I think this hairstyle worn by Maria Menounos at the 2013 Emmy Awards is perfect for a holiday soirée. A tousled fishtail braid has a hint... more
You don't need expensive extensions to make your ponytail look longer. Try this tiered pony technique instead. Don't forget to add a bow for extra holiday glitz!
This simple updo hairstyle will take you from desk to date in no time at all. Try it for your next after-work event!
Finding the right headband for all your holiday looks can be a headache. This retro-inspired hairstyle matches everything, and all you need is a comb and a few pins. It's the perfect last-minute party style.
Are you a short-haired gal frustrated with trying to find a way to style your hair for the holidays? No need to scour the Internet for the perfect holiday look, I have you covered. I chose to break down Jaime King's look because it... more
Put off going to the stylist and trim your hair at home. Follow these simple steps to freshen up your look!
Go sleek and straight without torturing your hair. With these tricks for straightening your hair with a flat iron you can navigate frizzy days, curls, and waves.
Are you dreaming of gorgeous, voluminous locks for the holidays? Who isn’t! We all crave a beautiful, full head of hair like the gorgeous locks on Blake Lively. But Blake doesn’t have to be the only one with red carpet-worthy... more
For effortless style, try making a mess—a messy braid, that is. Watch this hair tutorial for all you need to know about creating a perfectly imperfect hairstyle, that's both casual and chic.
Bobby pins are good for more than littering your bathroom—if you know how to use them correctly. Try these three techniques to master this hair essential.
Freshen up the classic French braid hairstyle by turning it inside out. This hair tutorial has the secret for creating this edgy look that's perfect for the beach or a day at a festival. Spoiler alert: You're only changing one step!
It's that time of the year when we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find the right holiday gifts for the special people in our lives. I want to make your holiday shopping a little easier for you this season... more
Keep hairstyles in place all day and lift lifeless locks with hairspray. Try these tips to add volume and hold, without making hair hard and crunchy.
As the go-to gym hairstyle, ponytails can get a bad rap, but I'm here to tell you that ponys can be sexy as hell. Hayden Panettiere rocked this tousled low ponytail at the Golden Globes back in 2007, and while Hayden may not have... more
Waking up early to curl your hair in the morning can be a chore. It’s time consuming and the heat can really take a toll on your tresses. Wouldn’t you like to wake up with a head full of beautiful curls? Now you can with no-... more
Sometimes clamps just get in the way. When you want a quick, crimpless curl try reaching for a hair wand instead.