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The Agyness Cut: Beauty Trend 2008

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What: Towhead model Agyness Deyn—the face of Giorgio Armani and the “next” Kate Moss—is inspiring women (and some men) to chop, crop, and bleach.

What the experts say: According to a recent story in the style section of The New York Times: “Boy-short peroxide blond heads of hair are appearing all over fashionable London, replacing the long and shaggy locks that were the dominant look of the last few years.”

What we say: If you’re looking for some shock value, donning this confident Twiggy-like pixie cut might just do the job. It’s fun, sexy, and extremely easy to maintain; just spritz in a bit of hair spray gel like got2b Styltini Strong One Power Grip Spray Gel for $5.39, blast your locks with the dryer for a minute and you’re out the door. But don’t fool yourself—it’s a major commitment. Aside from the tenuous upkeep of bleaching roots, short cuts take time to grow out. Maybe try on a cropped wig first to see if this rockin’ look really rolls for you.

Photo Courtesy of the Budget Fashionista


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