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Am I beautiful? is the question Asian women always ask themselves, and beauty is hard to define. Poetry no longer defines beauty, at least not in its pure essence. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How do Asian women rate with African American women? All meaningful discussions concerning beauty begin with fundamental observations. Let’s not confuse personal attraction with a society’s beauty standard as Hollywood does. Most men are attracted to the urban Asian, the lady of a different type, but uniquely different. She is more inclined with the new-school, hip-hop, urban lifestyle. Black men and Asian women combined will create sparks, and plenty of excitement and passion. That brings up a key concept: beauty comprises both a physical base and a social overlay, or as some would say, Asian persuasion.

Hair directions:

Use the full original version highlighter, the kind you have to mix in a tray, or select the companion method solution such as Garnier’s Nutrisse, neutral brown (B2). This part of the treatment process interpolates the semi-curl straitened waves.

You will need a curling iron, the circular Conair brush, and a blow-dryer. You will blow-dry only the parts of the hair to which you want to add more volume.

The next step is selecting warm or cool shades based on the color of the skin. The usual color is red, brown, or blond. The coloring is added in an oval-shape motion, starting from the top of the head toward the middle. You will need a comb in one hand to mix and combine the hair coloring evenly with the hair. This is the crucial step in obtaining a luxurious, vintage Victoria look. There are two ways to give the hair a highlighting edge.

I’m sure you have seen an American hairstylist apply a relaxer to hair before, well, the Gatsby wax is added to the hair in the same manner. You massage it into the hair as if you were spreading and massaging shampoo with your fingers, but here you’re using wax. The forefront process at this phase involves using your hands in the somewhat similar manner to a straightening curler. Your hands and fingers do the work. The idea is to spread the hair, but you want to make sure that it isn’t flat on either side.

Korean-Style Pro Look

How would you like to sport the neo-Korean style?

Many women will opt for that Korean-style pro look. If you are into the warm tones, your skin color is mostly a pink undertone, and the hair style for this genre consists of a low-cut trim which helps to create an elusive undertone image to the face, while yielding a rich dark color to the hair. If you are in the cool tones, your skin color is brown. A stylist does the following steps to achieve the Korean-style look:

You must concentrate your hair. The trick to this style is to begin by shampooing the hair with a luxurious rich shampoo like Dove, a protein-complex conditioner. This you will do before anything else. Rinse your hair with water first and apply the conditioner.

Dry your hair with a towel. Follow through by bracing your hair with a comb, preferably a comb with wider teeth. Fluff your hair according to your preference.

Allow the hair to dry for about half an hour.

Fab your hair with Sunsilk conditioner:

You have options to choose from, ways in which you will part your hair:

diagonal parting, crisscross parting, zigzag parting, or curved parting.

Rich Textured Styles

Cultural products introduced America to the new trend of hair design that adds the European look to Emo hair, and introduces a whole new revolution of hairstyling and innovation. One of those products is Gatsby Wax, a product of Japan, which is designed to alter the hair to its natural look first, then condition it to a three-dimensional dry matte, and finally, relax the hair into a dynamic spiky-mousse form. One of the most fundamental steps in hairstyling preparation is understanding the relationship between the hair and skin for each individual client, and thus, the necessary care for hair treatment and product choice. Picture yourself coming out of the sauna. Your body was exposed to heat and moisture at first, but after you stepped outside of it, your body became exposed to the sun, and you will, therefore, need to apply a body skin lotion in order to protect your skin while at the same time, keeping the skin moist to prevent it from drying up. That same concept is applied to hair treatment. That is why you will need a heat tamer spray, such as Tresemmé. Note that the ingredients of the application are used moderately, and you don’t need much wax to start.


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