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The Beauty Tip That Keeps You Looking Younger

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Women spend money on expensive wardrobes, skin creams, make up, manicures, pedicures, botox, and even surgery in an effort to stave off signs of aging. Yet the single most aging item is often forgotten: The hairstyle.

Take a close look at your friends’ hairstyle. Then, look in the mirror. When was the last time you and they changed their style. Was it a couple of years ago or a couple of decades ago?

We tend to get comfortable with one look. We tell ourselves that it suits us. It’s easy to manage since we’ve blow-dried, curled and fussed with it for years.

I confess … I am guilty. Even when my hairdresser suggested something new, I went home and restyled it my old way. I just couldn’t get used to the different looking me.

Then I started thinking that I’ve had the same hairstyle for more than ten years. Am I refusing to update my style because I can’t move from my comfort zone? Yup, I had to face it.

So forging ahead with my new-found courage, I started paying attention to women neighbors, women at the mall, library, home owners’ meetings and even the golf course. I wanted a youthful style but not one that made me look like “mutton dressed as lamb.”

The “spiky” look was definitely not me, nor was the Mary Tyler Moor flip. I needed more research and the internet was just the place to find how stylish baby-boomer women were wearing their tresses: Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira, Meryl Streep, Hilary Clinton, and Oprah.

This was going to take awhile. When I narrow my search to a few, I'll make another trip to the hair salon but this time, I will be armed with pictures of possible styles. My hairdresser and I will need an honest discussion and this time I promise to listen.

By Natasha Morgan of Not Just the Kitchen


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