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Celebrity Stylist Jonathan Antin on His New Salon, Being Tired of Sticky Up-Dos, and Who to Watch (Hint: There Are Two Jennifers)

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We’re in the thick of red carpet season (Next up: SAG awards January 27th) and that means we’re going to see more crave-worthy hairstyles in the next few weeks. DivineCaroline chatted with world-renowned stylist Jonathan Antin to get his take on what styles to look for, which celebrities to watch, and how to transform your look to make it camera ready.

What styles do you predict we'll be seeing this year?
We will be seeing the classic Hollywood glamour waves and loose, wearable, but still chic back-dos (NOT up-dos).
What has the celebrity buzz been -- who should we watch for in 2013?  
Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s new IT girl and has a great red carpet style.  Kerri Washington has been flawless recently. And it’s always exciting to see what fashion icons Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Kate Hudson wear.

What styles are overdone and tired? And in contrast, what hairstyle can't you see enough of on the red carpet? 
I'm tired of sticky, hard, beehive-like up-dos that are too combed back and overly teased. They make beautiful young women look much older than their age. I never get enough of the classic, Veronica Lake finger wave—it transcends time and eras. It will forever be the ultimate red carpet look. It's the most flattering hairstyle by far.
There’s a lot of talk about your new Beverly Hills salon, Jonathan and George. What makes it so unique? Will the experience make your clients feel ready for their own personal premiere?
At Jonathan and George, we've trained and educated all of our stylists to be the "complete" stylist—whether they are colorists or cutters. In addition to being a luxurious and glamorous space in Beverly Hills, we've created an environment that everyone can feel comfortable in, almost like they are at home. And we take extreme pride in making sure that everyone leaves looking and feeling gorgeous!
How can everyday women who don’t have a personal stylist on call 24/7 get their hair red carpet perfect?
Best case scenario you can cut out a photo of the exact look you want from a magazine and take it to your stylist to replicate the look on your hair. But to do it yourself at home, it's most important to set your hair with hot rollers or a curling iron to create body, volume and smooth waves. Then you can either wear it down or up, however you'd like. 
Can you share a secret tip or technique for a fool-proof best-ever look?
The best secret tip is to use a 3/4 inch curling iron (if you have shoulder length or longer hair) to set your whole head in a basic set of barrel curls and pin them up to stay in place. Curl back on the top and down on the sides. Keep them pinned up until the hair cools off. Then take out the pins and rigorously brush through hair with a boar bristle brush. Smooth a few drops of silicone smoothing serum onto your hair with your hands. The end result is beautiful waves that are shiny and lustrous with lots of volume and body. You can wear it up or leave it down for a classic Bridget Bardot look.




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