Conditioner Crush: Our Favorite Things

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Rapunzel knew the power of gorgeous hair. When your tresses look fabulous, the world is your oyster. But when bad-hair days outweigh good ones, whom do you turn to? Your trusty conditioner bottle, that’s who! It tames unruly hair into soft, luscious locks. Our editorial team couldn’t live without these brands. If you try one, don’t be surprised if Prince Charming comes knocking on your door.


Annie Tucker Morgan, Editor
Of the Seven Deadly Sins, I think the only one my burning desire for a lifetime supply of Kérastase Chroma Reflect Conditioner doesn’t touch on is sloth. Because I don’t officially own this magical, exorbitantly expensive potion (I’ve only used it in my more fortunate friends’ showers), I envy people who do. I feel angry that I’m not rich enough to buy it for myself. I’ve gluttonously helped myself to way more than the recommended two pumps per day. I have greed for more, more, more. I lust after it all the time. And I feel really, really proud of how soft and shiny it makes my hair. I’m going to hell for sure. 

Bijani Mizell, Editorial Assistant
I know conditioner very well: my kinky, curly hair has tried almost every brand under the sun, but none have managed to tame my frizz. But I’m obsessed with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner. It’s the only product to give me beautiful, tumbling curls, instead of Bride of Frreankenstein hair, and its all-herbal ingredients (no chemicals or sulfates) make my hair sleek, shiny, and soft. Plus, I’ve noticed my hair breaking less and my split ends disappearing. The best part, however, is the insanely addictive smell, a combo of rosemary, sage, carrot, lavender, and (oddly) pine. Most of my shower’s spent sniffing the bottle like a crackhead. Strong, healthy hair from a product that’s environmentally friendly? It’s a miracle.


Rebecca Brown, Editor-in-Chief
I wish my hair color were a lustrous chestnut brown with golden-copper highlights that fringed my face perfectly. I also wish that I looked like Penélope Cruz and had the body of Gisele. I don’t—life’s unfair like that, isn’t it?—and that’s why I take my naturally ash-brown locks in for coloring every two months. My frequent trips can leave my hair dry, so, on a recommendation from a Pure Beauty salesclerk, I tried Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator. I liked it so much, I started using it every day. I may never have Gisele’s body, but maybe someday my hair can be as gorgeous as Penélope’s. Maybe.



Nicole Deterding, Partner Coordinator
Conditioner is one area where I have to splurge. I have a lot of hair; but it’s very fine and tangles easily, so I need something that will moisturize my hair but not make it oily, clean it but not dry it out, mend my damaged ends but not weigh my hair down, and serve as a detangler. After trying many bottles of conditioner, I have found the perfect one (well, two, actually): I interchange Pureology’s Pure Volume Conditioner (the pink bottle) and Pureology’s Hydrate Conditioner (the purple bottle) to get the perfect amount of volume and hydration. I don’t think I’ll be trying anything new anytime soon.


Shyla Batliwalla, Editorial Coordinator
Truth be told, I’m not very brand-loyal when it comes to most things. I buy whatever shampoo is on sale and even use a two-in-one every now and then. (Shameful, I know!) However, if I did have the budget to buy fancy conditioner, I’d buy Bumble and bumble’s Curl Conscious Smoothing Conditioner. My locks are pretty darn curly, and B and b’s product line is one of the only kinds that keep them under control. This conditioner smells great and leaves my head and tresses feeling happy, moisturized, and frizz-free. 


Allison Ford, Staff Writer
As someone with exceptionally curly hair, I don’t wash with shampoo, so I rely on conditioning my hair very thoroughly and using a wide-toothed comb to get out the tangles. I require only that my conditioner be liquid enough to comb through, and that it be cheap, since I use a lot. Thick products don’t comb easily; expensive products don’t last long. Aussie Moist comes in the size I like to think of as “tub o’ conditioner,” is silky and distributes easily throughout my hair, and is cheap enough to justify using as much as I need. Plus, it smells nice and has a convenient pump. What more could I ask for?



Vicki Santillano, Staff Writer
I was introduced to Pureology Hydrate when I stayed with a hairstylist friend last year. My locks have never been more luxurious or well behaved than they were on that trip. It required no extra products, nor any effort beyond letting my hair dry naturally—that’s the power of Pureology. Alas, it’s a little too pricey to make it my regular conditioner. But considering how easily it turned my hair from frizzy and dry to silky and manageable, I just might have to start saving up. After all, a lifetime of bad-hair days comes at an even greater cost. 



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