A Double Dose of Disaster: Hair Scares

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I’ve always been a pretty fearless person, but there comes a point where it’s normal—nay, preferred—to have a bit of trepidation. Home hair color is one area where people should exercise some concern. Believe me, I know. 

As a teenager, I loved experimenting with and coloring my own naturally brown hair. One day I found an ash blonde that I fancied would look quite lovely on me, but unfortunately, the color did not fancy me back, and the result was an unfortunate shade of pea green. 

Being a calm, responsible person (oh, who am I kidding? I was sixteen and I completely freaked out), I drove a few miles to the nearest hair salon. I burst through the door, hair still wet, eyes panicked, and begged for someone to help me fix my mess. Luckily, one of the stylists was free; she used a color-stripping shampoo on my hair, all the while lecturing me on the dangers of at-home hair dye. I thanked her tearfully and went on my way. 

About a year later, I was tempted by a similar ash blonde beckoning to me from a hair-color box. “Try me,” she said. “The same thing couldn’t possibly happen twice!” 

Well, if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already figured out that my hair ended up green once again. I went back to the salon, hoping that no one would recognize me, but I guess once you’ve dyed your hair green, people tend not to forget you . They looked at poor, bedraggled me, sighed, and motioned for me to sit, saying, “I think you remember how this works.” They didn’t bother with the cautionary tale this time; instead, they just advised that the next time I decided to dye my own hair, I should try a semi-permanent color. 



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