Easy Sock Bun for Long Hair

Ever wondered how some women get a perfectly rounded bun on top of their head? Chances are that hairstyle wasn’t courtesy of a trip to a salon, but a well-placed sock! See how you can master the sock bun look with this simple how-to video.

If your method of hair styling tends to be one part happy accident, 20 parts hairpins, this tutorial is for you! This simple sock bun is not only a quick styling trick, but also an extremely easy summer hairstyle for long hair. To achieve the look simply cut the toes off a sock that's close to the color of your hair and roll into a donut shape. Next pull your hair into a ponytail. With the sock roll held at the tip of your ponytail, gradually roll the sock down the hair, wrapping the hair around the sock to cover it as you go. Once all the hair is tucked around it you will have a secure, chic summer hairstyle!


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