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Hair Snack: Destroy Those Split Ends

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A long time ago my aunt taught me how to do this and I still do this to this day! It’s a very easy and effective way to destroy split ends. Here are the steps:

1. Light! You need light first of all. I usually go in the bathroom or sit at my vanity to get adequate light.

2. I divide my hair into many sections. I’ve never counted but I would say about twenty or thirty. You want to catch every split end that you see and the smaller the sections the better!

3. Now you wanna comb your hair towards your light. When you put a single strand by light you can see if it’s split or not! Cool huh?

4. Remember to use a good pair of hair shears.

5. You are fully prepared to do a search and destroy instead of giving your hair a full trim. However, you can do the full trim if you want ...


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