Hostage to My Hair Follicles

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To be bald or not to be bald—that is the question!

It’s a well known fact that alopecia is a personal and unpredictable disease. Yes, it has a mind of its own and anyone that has had any degree of alopecia knows that to be true. Hair can spontaneously grow on your head just as quickly as it can fall out for no apparent reason. Sure, there are some remedies that may delay or prompt growth, but for the most part, alopecia says when, where, and how much.

I attended the National Alopecia Areata Foundation’s conference in Los Angeles in July. I always look forward to these conferences as it’s the one gathering where I can really “let my hair down,” if you know what I mean. It’s always a question as to what my follicles will be doing come conference time—total shutdown, patchwork growth, or a moon-like landscape (complete with craters). I’m hardly unique in that respect—it’s hard to shock an alopecian with hair loss stories.

After spending four conference days with so many completely bald, beautiful, and happy women, I came home with a bad case of bald envy. I could not wait to get hold of my electric razor and mow down my patches. It was freeing and I loved my new look—but then my hair got in the way. Ever since the shave down, my hair has been growing like a relentless weed garden. What the heck? I clearly have no say in this matter. I am hostage to my hair follicles.

So there it is—two months post-conference and I almost have a hair style. Go figure—I know I’m living on borrowed hair time, but I guess I’ll go with it. Any color suggestions?

Susan M. Beausang, President,



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