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Improper Braid, Weave, and Hair Extension Removal Escalates Hair Loss in Women

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Hair salons are being blamed for the ever-increasing hair loss to their clients who have their braids, weaves and hair extensions removed by fractionally trained hairdressers, according to Take Down Remover Products.

Hair extensions have become very popular in the last ten years with many celebrities taking advantage of the instant volume and length. Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman are just a few famous women who have worn hair extensions.

Hair extensions are lengths of either real or synthetic hair that can be affixed close to the scalp through a number of systems by applying to small sections of your own hair by either weaving-in, heat fusing, gluing, clamping with metal rods or using waxes and polymers. All of these methods (except for the clamping, which is self-explanatory) involve coating your own hair with a chemical or foreign substance.

Hair extensions only last a few months before they have to be taken out and completely re-done. The main problem for hairdressers and clients is taking the hair extensions out without damaging the hair. The staff at Take Down products insists that there’s a way to have beautiful hair using Hair Extensions without damaging your natural hair. The damage that has been caused in some salons from improper hair extension removal has been so horrifying, their clients have had to wear wigs temporarily.

Salons generally sell a method they know. If they only know one method, it may not be the best one for the client’s hair. A partially trained extension removal hairdresser can make poor choices that could result in damage to the hair. The wrong type of extensions, the wrong method of attachment, and limited training of removal has lead to severe hair loss and damage in women.

According to Karen Marie Shelton and Terri Robert-Edwards of “Many people who sell extensions to clients will swear that there is no damage to your own hair, but one hair extension expert told me that ‘in seventeen years of doing hair extensions we have yet to see a client who has previously had the individual method applied without damage to their own hair. Without spelling it out I will leave it to your imagination what might happen to your own hair if you melt some plastic onto it or glue or clamp something to it.’”

As more women than ever will be opting for extensions to maintain or enhance their natural tone, resulting in hair that is thicker, healthier, and more resilient than ever! From teenagers to grandmothers, women from all walks of life are turning away from harsh chemicals and dyes, and instead opting for a more natural look.

There have been cases where salons have been sued for damage caused due to hair loss and hair damage. For some women the decision to get hair extensions can require a commitment of up to $2,000 initially, depending on how many extensions, what type and method.

The Take Down Remover company is the first company to offer hair extension, braid, dreadlock and matted/ tangled hair removal training classes worldwide. They are pioneers in the development of hair extension, braid and dreadlock removal services and training.

In addition, the company has revolutionized the industry by creating more than twenty different braid, hair extension and dreadlock removal techniques.


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