This Isn’t What I Asked For, I Want My Money Back!

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OK, you rushed to a salon, any salon to get those highlights or that special seasonal color to become richer for the holidays, but … you didn’t get what you expected. The haircut or color is all wrong or not just right. Or, a total disaster.

How do you handle this situation? Should you live with the color, saying, “It will grow and be OK.” But, you still are not satisfied. It is two plus weeks since your hair service(s). WHAT’S A GIRL TO THINK? You don’t want to hurt the stylist’s feelings and if you ask for any kind of remuneration the salon will outlaw you. WHAT DOES A GIRL WANT? You don’t want that person working on your hair. You just knew that it wasn’t the right professional for you. In fact, the salon may be all wrong, by now. Remember, it’s now two plus weeks since your hair event. WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO?

Well, you have already put enough thought into it. If you have been struggling with all negative thinking about your hair color/cut, try to put a positive spin on the situation. At least you realize what you don’t like. Did you get a sense of the stylists/colorists interviewing technique? Remember they are to draw out your needs and lifestyle. Don’t you hate it when a friend says “Relax, you are putting too much thought into this.” So relax, go onto the next step.

Since you are now done reacting to the service(s) and know that YOU communicated, what do you want? Do you want a redo of the service (haircut or color)? If you want both, I feel for you! Most of the time the service should be in the form of an adjustment to, not an actual redoing of the entire service. Do you want to go to another stylist to have it repaired? One needs to know the options before you make that call.

If none of the above thoughts really satisfy your needs, what do you want to do? I guess asking for your money back is the only viable alternative. Do you have a nice relationship with the stylist/colorist/ By nice, I mean a fairly long-term, four months or longer. Talk to them, most people only want you to be happy with their work. It’s easier to get your money back if this is your only time you have seen that stylist and if you got it done under two weeks ago. Remember it takes two people to make the decision to work on your hair. The most generous route to take is to say, “I was there a week ago and had my hair done by xxxxx. I feel there were some poor choices made for my hair. While I appreciate the stylist’s effort, the entire experience did not meet my expectations. I do not wish to come back for them to adjust it. Since I was part of the equation, I feel I should ask for half of my money back. How can a manager, salon owner or renter refuse your request? Go ahead, if you know in your gut you are dissatisfied and no other resolution is feasible, ask.

At my company, Style Like A Pro, the customer is always right. But, I deal mostly with tangible goods, such as Styling DVDS and hair tools. Since I am also a hair colorist, let me know if you would like me to write about how to deal with other situations in a salon environment.


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