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Katy Perry Is Killing It with Blue Breakup Hair

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Everyone’s done it. Once a relationship ends, old trappings must be shed, looks must be changed, baggage must be dropped, and bangs must be gotten. It’s the best say to signify that you’re on the market, better and badder than you were before. Plus, now you’re a brunette. Classic “breakup hair.”

But why stop at trendy bangs or a chopped pixie? When you’re Katy Perry, divorcing your sex addict husband after a giant Indian elephant-festooned wedstravaganza, the situation calls for something a little more drastic. This is Katy Perry, after all, who wears frosting bras that shoot fireworks. The beauty bar is high.

Since announcing her split in January, Perry has been out and about at awards shows, fashion shows, and promotional events rocking an incredible blue ’do, and check the roots—that’s no wig. Girlfriend is working real Smurf-blue hair and we love it.

What do you think? What’s the most drastic “breakup hair” you’ve tried?


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