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Locks We Love: 2014 Hair Trends

As I write this, a blanket of snow covers New York Fashion Week, so it seems strange to talk about spring 2014 hair trends. But I don't really think of hair in terms of the seasons. A beautiful style is always vogue. That said, here are some emerging 2014 spring hair trends you'll want to try.

Photos: Anton Oparin /

Unkempt Updo
Seen on the models at Micheal Kors and Tom Ford, these looks are effortless and easy. Create a low- or mid-chignon, then add texture to the hair by curling it and using hairspray. Lightly pull it back into your style and finish by spraying the hair with Label M's hair spray, massaging the hair with your palms. This will help create softness and texture.

Photos: Anton Oparin / & Lev Radin /

Undone Braid
We all remember the models in the Nicole Miller, Rachel Zoe, Giles, and Rebecca Minkoff shows, because who doesn't love a dreamy braid moment? Don't dismiss this style, because braids aren't as tricky as you think. It's easy to create an undone braid by adding a milkmaid braid or French braid and simply, lightly pulling the hair out of the braid to create an undone yet sexy texture.

Photos: Anton Oparin / & Blend Image /

Low Pony
This has to be the hair of the season. Not only is it simple to achieve at home, but it's also a chic option for the office, after work drink, or picnic in the park with friends. Seen at the Creatures of the Wind show, this low pony is achieved by adding waves in the hair for texture. Leave a side section out and pull the hair back in a low pony. If you're after something more slick, then take after Jason Wu, who styled his girls in a chic low pony with severe middle part, then applied lots of sheen. Create this look by simply blow drying a bit of gel in your hair and direct your nozzle in a downwards motion to smooth any fly aways.

Photos: Anton Oparin / & Lev Radin /

Floral Embellishment
An easy spring update is as simple as putting flowers in your hair. Zac Posen did, so why can't we? Get this look by adding delicate flowers into any elegant up style. Ana Sui opted for simple floral headbands. You can create this look by adding some wave to the hair and finishing it off by using a statement floral headband. Easy.

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