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Me and My Hair

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I was sitting in my living room one day, just looking out the front door. It was a nice day in the Bay Area. Looking at the side of the green hill beside our apartment, I noticed how green it always stays around here. And at that moment, I began to think about how everything in life grows. How water and sunshine make everything grow. It was then when I started thinking about growing out my hair.

All my life my hair was something I never really liked. My sister has always had long, beautiful hair. And my hair was just shoulder length, thin, and not all that. So why, at the age of fifty-five, do I think about it now? I think deep in my heart I always wanted long hair but I just never put anything into it. It’s been long believed that older women must cut their hair short. Now, just where did that story start? Who says that’s the way it must be? So I did what any God-loving woman would do, I prayed about it. And the most lovely answer came to me: you can have whatever you can believe.

That day I began to want long, strong, healthy hair. I believe that to get something you’ve never had, you need to learn some things about it first. So I began reading and looking on the Internet about hair and hair growth. The information on the subject can be overwhelming. First, I needed to know how I wanted to go about it. Do I want to use whatever is on the market? Or go natural and make up my hair-care products. Going natural was the best way for me. I wanted to understand every step and why it was needed. I believe that if it’s safe enough eat, then it’s safe enough to put on my hair.

Well, the things I’ve learned are far more than just my hair. I’ve learned to eat better and I’ve learned what vitamins are best for me. I’ve learned that stress hurts every part of my body (hair too). I don’t stress about not sleeping like I did when I was younger. And it’s okay to go to bed by 9:00 p.m. It’s been about five months now, and my body has changed all for the better. My hair has grown about three inches, and I’ve been able to keep all the new growth. Believing that you can have whatever is in your heart is a wonderful way to live!


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