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The Secrets to Healthy Hair

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How often to you see a hair product advert and feel a little bit envious, along with a little skepticism? Do you wonder how, and why the models in the adverts have such beautiful flowing locks. Well let me tell you a few things you may not know about luscious locks.

Faking It
Most of us know, from recent body image campaigns, that photographs these days for anything from food to foundation products are edited and polished to create the ultimate look. But this doesn’t just apply to photographs, it’s the same for video too. On top of post production editing, the models will also be painted and polished before the shoot to make their hair look shinier and sleeker. Tons of serum is used, special lighting, and even talcum powder! Imagine what the hair looks like close up . . .

Taking Care
The most important advice for healthy hair, and healthy anything for that matter is to take care of it. Getting a regular hair cut for a start is essential. Depending on the condition of your hair, and the style, you should get your hair cut every six to ten weeks. If you can’t afford to go so regularly, or to a top stylist take a look cheap deals at some of the best salons to see if you can save. You’ll also need to take care when using heated styling tools, such a straighteners or tongs, as these can frazzle your hair. Try not to use heat so regularly, and if you do, use a good heat protection spray before styling.

Wash Away Your Troubles
If your hair is looking limp, greasy, dry, frizzy, or anything but the way you would like it to, consider a change in your hair washing routine. Greasy hair can be a result of washing too regularly or using too much product when you wash. Dry hair can be due to lack of moisture and conditioner. If you’re hair needs some TLC, use a conditioning treatment weekly to start repairing your hair back to life. If you are washing your hair everyday, you probably aren’t washing it correctly. A thorough hair wash needs two rounds of shampoo, and a very small amount of conditioner. Most ladies who wash their hair correctly and use little styling product can get away with washing their hair only three to four times a week. Apply shampoo to the scalp and rub it in well, but only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair to avoid greasy roots.

Let Your Hair Down
Leaving your hair to flow freely and naturally will help it to stay in its optimum state. Hair doesn’t like to be tugged and pulled, so if you’re guilty of tying your hair back for a quick fix to a bad hair day—try to break this habit rather than your hair and give your hair the time and attention it needs, and it will reward you in return with that salon feel good finish. 


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