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Seven Hair Myths Busted

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Myth 1: Hair becomes immune to shampoo over time.
Truth: There’s no scientific evidence to back this claim, but there is proof that styling products can build up and alter the effectiveness of your regular shampoo and conditioner. Bear in mind that the water supply where you live, as well as coloring or perm treatments, can cause your hair to behave inconsistently. To eliminate reside, use a clarifying treatment once every two weeks.

Myth 2: Lemon juice will turn your hair blonde.
Truth: Squeezing lemon juice onto your strands and sitting in the sun for prolonged periods is said to lighten your locks. Chances are, however, that you won’t see any obvious changes. Another drawback?  Dryness. If you want to bring out your natural highlights without dye, consider a color-depositing shampoo.

Myth 3: Hair requires daily washing.
Truth: The best treatment for hair (especially dry hair) is its own oil, so wash it less often. Different types of hair have different needs, so the key to maintenance is using products created for your type and condition. While people with dry hair can skip a day or two of shampooing, oilier hair often requires a daily lather to keep up appearances. No matter what your schedule, find a formulation that suits your mane. Cutting back on buildup (caused by constant touching or heavy styling products) will allow you to go longer between shampoos.

Myth 4: If you pluck one gray hair, three will sprout in its place.
Truth: Some women are quick to yank a gray hair; others leave it be for fear multiples will grow in its place. It takes three months for a new hair to rear its head and another three for it to grow to a noticeable length. If more grays happen to pop up during this six-month span, they may be attributed to time or stress, not plucking. Regardless, yanking is a harmful habit that can damage the follicle and break other hairs (especially if you use tweezers), so resist the urge.

Myth 5: Mayonnaise doubles as hair conditioner.
Truth: In addition to its pungent scent, mayonnaise can make the hair look and feel greasy and tangled. Its ingredients—vegetable oil, eggs and vinegar—will weigh down your hair in the worst way. Looking for a moisture boost? Use a heavy-duty treatment that’s specifically made for use on your hair.

Myth 6: Hair grows faster and thicker if you indulge in regular trims.
Truth: Oh, how we wish this was true! A cut can certainly make fine hair appear fuller, but it does not change the fact that hair grows about half an inch every month. Your best bet for scoring luscious locks is to eat plenty of protein-rich fish, lean meat, and eggs and to treat it like silk. Keep breakage at bay with by brushing gently and cutting back on the use of heated styling tools.

Myth 7: Split ends can be mended.
Truth: Contrary to the claims of many reparative conditioning products (which seal ends only temporarily), the only real cure for split ends is to nip them off with scissors. Otherwise, they will continue to run like a nylon stocking nightmare.



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