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Super Tangled Knotted Matted Hair Has Become A New Cause Of Hair Loss

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Depression, hospitalization, improper removal of braids, weaves, hair extensions or dreadlocks have led to knots, clumps, or masses of tangled matted hair. Inevitably becoming new leading causes of hair loss and damage in women and children.

The need for professional hair detanglers or hairdressers that are trained in the art of detangling hair has become a high demand service in the hair and beauty industry.

According to Tangled Hair Techs they receive an endless number of service calls to detangle hair from women and hairdressers alike who are battling knots or clumps of tangled matted hair.

Because the causes and levels of tangled or matted hair vary immensely-the average hairdresser might not have the patience and perseverance needed to detangle hair.

"It is very rewarding when you are able to save a clients hair after everyone, including their personal hair stylist, has told them that cutting their matted hair was the only option."says Imani LoveJoy (Tangled Hair Tech trainee). 

Before determining if you will need a trained hairdresser, it is most important to first properly remove a hairstyle and detangle.

Clumps of tangled matted hair due to depression or hospitalization will probably require professional hair detanglers.

The art of detangling hair involves more than just separating hair that has strategically interwoven on itself in a maze beyond human understanding; detangling hair is about HEALING. There are so many reasons why women and men contact us about their tangled matted hair.

We use our talent to lay hands on the sick due to hair matts so they’ll recover. Tangled Matted hair is oppression
It can lead to depression or be the result of depression. Tangled matted hair is a form of bondage and we desire to set women and men free.

Like a plumber that sets us free from a blocked up toilet which can lead to depression and frustration-we are hairdressers that remove the blockages in your hair.

According to Take Down Hair Products, in the next 10 years most women around the world will suffer from some form of non-hereditary balding, hair loss or alopecia. Women are now surpassing men in hair loss, receding hairlines and male pattern baldness.

We use our talent to lay hands on the sick due to hair matts so they’ll recover. Do not give in to unhealthy advice and cut your hair that has become severely matted or tangled. The art to detangling hair requires a desire to be healed.


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