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The Big Bang
Long, pin-straight hair with heavy bangs call to mind Bohemian belles of the French new wave (think Jane Birken and Francoise Hardy). Back in the 1960s, these young French women were gamine but tough, free-spirited but always polished. Decades later, supermodel Heidi Klum is sporting the blunt fringe they made famous. Below-the-brow bangs are stronger and more fashion-forward than the eye-grazing wisps we’ve seen in years past, and they are especially flattering on faces that are round, square or long. Visit to try on Heidi Klum’s bangs.

The Untamed Tousle
On the other end of the spectrum you have long hair that’s soft and romantic. It’s out with tight, sculpted curls and in with undone, wind-swept waves. The look is tousled and touchable, relaxed and well worn-in. If you have a long, thick mane with plenty of natural curl, now’s the time to embrace it. Rachel Bilson’s long angled layers appear to be cut around the sides and back to add body and movement. Visit to try on Rachel Bilson’s long locks.

The Angled Bob
This modern interpretation is gutsier than the boxy bob of the 1920s or even the sleek, mod styles of the 1960s. Victoria Beckham’s ‘do is angled with precision to complement her memorable facial features and wardrobe. Long pieces in front to call attention to a well-defined jaw line, but the greatest thing about this look is versatility—you can flip it, coil it or add blunt bangs to make it your own. Visit to try on Posh’s prisitine bob.

The Punkish Pixie
Rihanna’s cropped, razored ‘do is a wee bit punk while retaining a pixie-ish vibe. Sharp, jagged layers fall down over her eyes in flirty, peek-a-boo fashion. More layers are cut through the back and sides, giving the crown volume and offsetting a round face. Extreme side or zig-zag parts and streaked highlights make this look even more edgy and adventurous. Visit to cop Rihanna’s racy cropped style.


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