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Tips for Finding That Fabulous Stylist

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Spring has sprung, new growth is peaking it’s head up from the ground at Style Like A Pro and I’m back to give you that elusive advise on finding a stylist with that perfect hair vibe!

The best thing you can do for your hair? Put it in the hands of a talented stylist. However, finding the right one takes a good amount of research and leg work. If you spot someone (even a stranger) who has a hair style you admire, ask them to surrender the name of the talented person who created it. Don’t be shy, women love this form of a compliment.

Acquire a handful of recommendations, and then set up free consultations with your potential candidates. Take note of the following and listen to your intuition:

  • Do your personalities click?
  • Do they give you good eye contact?
  • Do you feel they are interested in YOU? Or does the stylist seem overbearing and pushy?
  • Are they listening to you? Do they repeat back some of the words or phrases you have used in conversing with them?
  • Do they try to help you to define your needs, so they can understand you better?
  • Do they appear organized and neat in their appearance? What you see is usually what you get.
  • Do the stylist’s clients emerge from the chair looking good and satisfied?
  • Here’s the CLINCHER. What does her/his hair look like? If it is severely damaged/fried looking, forget it. Why trust a person with your hair if they can’t take care of his or her own?
  • Did they ask enough questions?

A good stylist should inquire about your hairstyling history, past chemical treatments, and your lifestyle to ensure that you’ll be able to maintain whatever style they give you.

 Even though these questions seem to be many, they really aren’t. Or print out this sheet and take it with you and refer to it. It could save you hundreds of dollars.

Also, where potential clients can look for recommendations is on I have gotten very nice clients from recommendations on Yelp.

Younger/newer stylists may appear more hip and less experienced, but if you have recommendations and a good intuition, go for it. No matter how long a stylist has been in this business of caring for your hair, if they possess enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to do tried and true or new styles, relax.

You had all your questions answered, right?


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