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White Men and Cornrows

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Cornrows for white men can be difficult work. White men and women have to keep straight hair for the most part, but now they are being influenced by African American culture. The process of making cornrows requires a plan, and you have to plan your style. You can do this with patience. The easiest amount to begin with will probably be four to six sections from the front to the back of the head. I’ve noticed a Caucasian male with braids not too long ago, but this does not mean that they all will look good wearing that particular style of braids. In light of this fact, cornrows can be done on any hair texture, but they can also be woven in complicated geometric or curvilinear designs. Historically, cornrows were typically worn by both women and men in West Africa, and often times, adorned with beads and shells. Most white women have long hair, which often times gets in their face, and they will then opt for a long single braid, or a simple fixed ponytail, as opposed to the more complicated geometrically fixed cornrow. Short braided hair styles are generally worn by the young African American men with short hair, because their hair is braided very close to the skull.

In the wake of the creative Caucasians movement, hundreds of beauty shops and salons sprang up across the United States, delivering services exclusively to whites as well as to blacks. Many salons today specialize in hair wrapping and braiding techniques, executing styles which can be time consuming. Hair styling and expensive braiding techniques were rendered to anyone who could afford it. Cornrow styles took hours to complete—sometimes even necessitating two or more salon visits. The trade off in the cost in time and money expended is that a well-executed, braided style can last a month or more without restyling if properly groomed and cared for—and if executed on the naturally coarse, tightly coiled hair typically possessed by people of sub-Saharan African descent. Cornrows are ancient from the Greeks and Romans ages ago, and may have seen similar presence in Celtic culture. Cornrows require some popularity among whites after blond actress Bo Derek exploited hers with shells. White men and women who wear cornrows have recently been acceptable in the mainstream society of minorities. Although still considered taboo in many circles, today we see everyone from the guys on the corner to major celebrities sporting this style. Cornrows, like braids, are very versatile. With a skilled set of hands and a flare for originality, the result is only limited by a stylist’s creative ability. Cornrows are good because they tend to encourage hair growth and enable the hair to retain moisture. To achieve this look you can begin with virtually any length of hair. The hair need only be long enough for you or the stylist to grip and braid.



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