Anti-Aging Makeup Tip Number One: Glowy Skin and Dealing with a “Melting” Neck

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Who is that in the mirror?  I don’t recognize that throat and neck.  Oh wait, it’s me! While I got away with looking a little younger than some for a while (mainly due to extra fat deposits!), I find that the area between my jaw and my collar bones is starting to melt!  I would also like to soften other lines that are appearing on my face.  So what to do in this crucial time before laser treatments and ultimately, a facelift?  Here are a few tricks from some of my favorite make-up artists:

The ultimate goal is to create an even, glowing canvas so that eyes and lips are the focus.   First, I use a light concealer to cover dark circles, deep lines and any redness.   How?  I tip my head down and cover the marionette lines (those lines from the outside of the nose down by the side of the mouth), the shadow under the lower lip and the areas under my eyes.  I also use this light-colored concealer to remove any red areas including the areas around the nose.  

Then I use a bright (not a muddy color) blush lightly on just the apples of my cheeks. The key is to not run it up the side of the cheekbone to the hairline—I don’t want to look like a clown!

I like to use a product like Bare Essentials Mineral Veil to soften the overall look.  The light bounces off the skin creating an airbrush effect. (I don’t use a foundation, so this is not too many layers for me.  You’ll have to determine if this works for you.)

My goal for the neck is to make a sharper jaw line and blend the color together on my throat.  I lightly apply a non-sparkly bronzer along the sides of my jaw from ear to chin on both sides. Then I use that bronzer to create a v on my throat, moving the brush in a path from the ears to a point where the clavicles leave an open space on the middle of my chest.

Overall (and this is for every age):

  • Blend, blend and blend!  No one wants to see that round circle of clown rouge or that leading edge of foundation along the jaw line.  

  • If eyesight makes it tough to see edges, get a lighted magnifying mirror!  It is better to skip makeup than to have obvious edges.    

  • Always use a light hand—too much makeup and powder can be very aging since lines will be emphasized and a dusty too-powdery finish looks dry and old.   Aim for a dewy finish. 

Next up:  Eyes and brows.  In the meantime, I have been pleased with the effects that a fresh perspective and a few new products have brought my poor aging face.   Do you have similar tips for success?  Please share them with the rest of us!


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