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Beauty Trend Alert for Spring and Summer 2011

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The spiritual and the scientific recently merged in Mythological Muses, a beauty trend forecast for Summer 2011 by Emmanuelle Linard of Edelkoort Inc. She spun a tale of myths involving deities, mystical creatures, and elemental spirits—all of which celebrate the emotional power of water. This element is now endangered by climate changes and pollution, water is precious and revered, the cause of war, and the focus of stories that have long accompanied and influenced our collective psyche and evolution. Water also carries the creative potential for transformation, both physical and spiritual—and Gaia, Venus, Athena, Adonis, Sirens, Narcissus, Ophelia, Fauns, Nymphs, Medusa, and Calypso will all be helping bridge the imaginary with the physical in Summer 2011.

The beauty and health sectors will be increasingly influenced by water, in particular funded scientific research that focuses on water preservation, cleansing and use, and understanding how its chemical and physical properties impact our lives. “The purity of water will inspire clear packaging and honesty into our brand messages,” explains Linard. “All aspects of water, mist, fog, mud and more will be derived into water spectrum colors, liquid textures and multi-layered packaging. Water formations such as natural springs, rivers, cascades, ocean, rainforest, or coral reefs will be geographical references to search for lifestyle and ingredients to replenish our beauty products. The benefits of fresh and seawater will be used in our formulas. The scientific aspect of water will be a major inspiration for formulas and communication.”

In addition to science, people do love fantasy, which Linard predicts will influence product marketing with any many of “magical” beauty looks inspired by goddesses, nymphs, fauns, mythical creatures in water stories.

As the “mirrors” of the soul, there will be a strong focus on eyes next summer:

  • For a young look: pale, tender, and fresh pastels
  • For sexy seduction: liquid grays and metal
  • For a touch of mystery: dark eye shadows

Hair: Mythological muses will inspire three types of hair looks:

  • The mermaid: soft flowing and floating styles for long hair
  • The romantic fairy: blurry and frizzy styles,
  • Short and wild: twenty-first century bobs

Frangrance: Although sensual and heady, look for fragrances that are:

  • Clean
  • Pure
  • Mono-ingredient

Originally published on Fashiontribes


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