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Beauty's Best-Kept Secret: Sonia Kashuk Brushes

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Go to other makeup companies, and you certainly can. $60 for a single powder brush? Eek. My personal beauty philosophy is that if you have the money and you like the product, then live it up, but I, however, do not have the money for a complete set of silky sable brushes with antique ivory handles fashioned by orphan castrati on the steps of the Duomo or whatever. Just give me something that won’t shed and doesn’t make me too poor to buy the makeup itself. Fair?  

Sonia Kashuk’s brushes are one of the beauty industry’s best secrets. The brushes are phenomenal—well-made, soft, durable, luxurious—but they don’t cost a ton of money. I’m currently loving the holiday brush collections, which feature sparkly gunmetal handles and come in a fun matching clutch. This 6-piece set contains a powder/blush brush, a foundation brush, a small shadow brush, a larger shadow brush, a crease brush, and a liner brush. That’s enough brushes to accomplish just about anything.

The best part is that this entire set was only $24.99 at Not to mention the fact that there are always super-cute brush sets in the collection, all of which have different stylish and seasonal handles and come in a matching clutch. A matching clutch! What else do I need to say?!


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