Best Eye Shadow for Every Eye Color

Unless you have an identical twin, no two people’s eyes are exactly the same. The size, shape, and even color is explicitly unique to every individual. So why would you say the smoky-eye technique looks good on everyone if there are so many different varieties of eye out there?
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Brown or Black
Eye shadows: light purple (like lilac) browns, blues, and golds.
Eyeliner: black or black-brown

Blue or Gray
Eye shadows: browns, blues, bronze, grays or rich purple (like amethyst)

Green or Hazel
Eye shadows: green, purple, slate gray or silver

Mascara should be black for everyone unless you feel it is too harsh looking, then I recommend a dark brown.

Large Eyelids (your eyelids are equal in size or half the size of your open eye. Example: Cher)
Use white or a lighter shade of the color you want to use on your brow line all the way down to the crease. Now use a slightly darker color on the lid itself. Next, use a very deep, darker color inside the crease all along your eye. This enhances and defines the luscious lid you were born with making your eyes appear larger. 

Medium-Size Lids (your lids are one third the size of your open eye. Example: Amanda Seyfried)
Use white or a lighter shade of the color you want to use on your brow line all the way down to the crease. Add some more of that shade on one quarter of your eyelid nearest your nose. Now on the remaining area of your lid add the slightly darker color. In an angle, add the darkest shade to the outer part of the lid so it flows on one fourth of the crease and area along the eyelash.

Small Lids (Example: Lucy Liu)
Use the darkest shade over all of your eyelid. Next use a lighter-medium shade on the outer side of the skin between your eye crease and eyebrow gradually lightening the shadow color as you reach the end of your brow closest to your nose.

Next add eyeliner in the thinnest line you are able to make right along the eyelashes of the upper lid.  Add mascara to top and bottom and you have a great makeup look customized to your needs!



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