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Celebrity Makeover and Beauty Tips!

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I was working freelance for a local Web site last year and I proposed to interview a celebrity makeup artist for one of our sections. Luckily, I got the “O.K!” and since I have some connections over at E! Entertainment, I went to their beauty guru for an interview. She’s responsible for some of Hollywood’s most glowing faces and I hope you enjoy the interview with her that I posted below.

To no disappointment, I’ve got one of the (if not, the only) mad talented makeup artists in Hollywood, Lisa Zimmitti. You see, this fierce, little lady’s high demand in The Biz is as chart topping as the celebrities she makes camera-ready. Some names that she plugs in her Blackberry on the ‘reg are the Kardashian sisters, Catt Sadler, Giuliana Rancic—to name a few. In addition to heading the makeup department over at E! Entertainment, she’s the reigning queen of her very own Lancome Beauty Blog, is a featured celeb makeup artist in Life & Style Magazine and just finished up the second season of The Newlywed Game. Lisa is also working on a water-resistant body makeup line right now and you know your cheeky ladies will be the first to report when you can have it at your fingertips.

So, without further ado, I present this Beauty Interview with the one and only Lisa Zimmitti!

B: So I need to ask, what highlighter and gloss do you most recommend? Catt’s glow is incredible and I’ve been dying to know what the recipe is.
L: On the cheekbone, I use any of the following: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft and Gentle” (a gilded peach bronze if we are doing a warm look) or MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Porcelain Pink” (a soft pinky coral with gold if we’re doing soft peachy look) and Lancome Color Design Blush Freeze Frame highlighter for my cool look with plums. 

B: How did you get into the makeup industry?
L: When I was five, I was playing with the makeup wands and hairbrushes. My neighbor owned a salon. I had my cosmetology license at sixteen and did hair until I was nineteen. Feeling bored with hair, I started working makeup behind the counter: Prescriptives for two years then MAC for five years. My first TV job was the 2000 Democratic National Convention for Fox in L.A., which got my foot in the door. Then, I was hired to work evening news gigs, and in 2005 worked makeup for Good Day L.A., Fox Television, Fox Films and even groomed Bill Maher. Shortly after, I started at E! Entertainment as a makeup artist and now I head the Makeup Department just a few years later! 

B: Situation: You’re in a rush out the door to meet a girlfriend for lunch but you’ve got five minutes to spare for your bare face. What’s a girl to do?
L: Tinted moisturizer, eye cream and concealer—you always want your skin to look bright! Curl your lashes, apply mascara, throw on peachy sheer lipgloss and give yourself time to pop a pinky/peach blush on the apples of you cheeks. The color set freshens you up in no time. 

B: What do you think are the best trends in the beauty industry right now?
L: COLORS! Purples, pinks, blue, peaches, orange, gold and plums are in. Eye shapes and contouring … keeping the shadow close to the lid and fading it out to the crease. Loving a glossy plum lip or a nude lip with a hint of pink. 

B: What do you think are the worst trends in the beauty industry right now?
L: Wearing bright color and bright lips together, if you dare to go bold blue on the eye then start off with less on your brush. Keep the eyes looking fresh, like a wash of color, and a nude lip. And vice versa for lips. 

B: Along with your high profile clientele, you have the most beautiful skin! What is your skin routine, in terms of cleaning, moisturizing, etc.?
L. I love Kate Somerville—her Gentle Daily Wash, Quench Hydrating Face Serum, Deep Tissue Repair Moisturizer and Line Release Eye Cream. I also use ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment once a week and Anti Bac Clearing Lotion for spot treatment. 

B: Are there any skin products you just can’t live without?
L: Kate Somerville creams are a must. I love the Lancome Self Tanning line. My Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil is a miracle worker—it takes off my mascara and I shave my legs with it! Shu Uemera Eye Masks for special occasions are a must to de-puff.  

B: When you first look at a face you are about to make up, where do you draw your inspiration from to achieve their look?
L: The eye and brow shape. 

B: What beauty product is worth the splurge for women?
L: Armani foundation—it’s like silk! 

B: What product can we find an equally fabulous formulation for at the nearest drug store?
L: Anything by Cover Girl and Maybelline.

B: A lot of women suffer, in silence, with adult acne. Do you suggest any concealers and foundations that won’t clog pores but will cover up those unfriendly bumps?
L. Bare Minerals and Clinique foundations and concealers are amazing. 

B: Do you draw inspiration from stars in past decades?
L: Absolutely! Love Twiggy, Hepburn, Monroe, Fonda … 

B: Do you have any future plans for a beauty line or book?
L: I am working on a water resistant body makeup line right now. It’s what I use on the Daily 10 [on E!]. It has color, coverage, shine, and smells like coconuts! 

This confident lady is a favorite among friends and coworkers. (Not to mention a favorite new friend of mine) She’s even had her “Ken Paves moments” and has been packed along on trips with celebrity elite. Dare any A-Listers go bare! Lisa’s advice was as warm as the peachy glow she applies to starlets on the daily and this article is going straight to my Saved Documents folder …


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