Cosmetic Trends for Spring/Summer ’09

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It’s looking yellow this spring. This season’s designs are coming in eye-catching colors paired with white for a fresh, happy look. Geometric patterns, reminiscent of the eighties, are also getting a lot of attention. Trying to match these colors with blue shadow and red lips might spell disaster, so we’re spelling a new word this season: n-a-t-u-r-a-l.

This season is also about the natural architecture of your face. Use concealer beneath the eyes and cheekbones to make those features stand-out. Then, even your all-over skin tone with mineral foundation.

Peach is what nude used to be. Nude lips were “in” for a while but with ultra-bright clothes, nude lips can look washed-out. Opt for a peach tone, or a lip gloss tint that is close to your own natural lip color.
The smoky eyes of 2008 are still hot, but we’ve left the black shadow behind. Instead, use metallics like gold, bronze, and silver. The rest of the color palette is still in use. The smoky-eyed look is accomplished by applying the lighter tone over the whole lid, then blending the darker tone over that from the lash line to the crease. Black shadow is too dark for spring time, anyway. Leave the charcoal for the grill.

Eyes aren’t the only feature being metallicized this year. For the cooler months, silver nail polish is appropriate, but the warmer months call for the heated tones of bronze and gold. Nude nails are an alternative. Use baby pink or clear top coat to show off your natural nail bed.

It’s springtime and the season is bright. Enjoy playing with those eye-catching brights and whites, but don’t let them upstage your natural beauty.


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