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Festival Eye Makeup Ideas

  • Tribally Cute

    If you're not a shadow-mix master, no worries! A simple but stunning look can be created with a few swipes of colored eye liner and some thoughtfully placed crystals. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is vibrant and budge-proof for a night of dancing or a stray rain shower. This look has subtle but adorable tribal appeal and takes no time at all.

  • Northern Lights

    Purple, blue and green are tertiary colors on the color wheel and ones that always make a beautiful triad! Using slightly shimmery shadows to re-create this look will lend a dreamy quality. Create a Northern Lights–like look of your own with Wet n Wild Photos Focus Eyeshadow in Desert Festival.

  • Sweetheart Florals

    You can easily create a sweet and charming look with white and cobalt blue liquid liner pens. Try Sephora's Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner in Pool Party and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Snow. This look epitomizes "flower child" in the cutest way possible and looks great with a red lip!

  • Festival Mermaid

    You can easily re-create what looks quite complicated by applying shadow over a section of fishnet stocking to create a scale pattern. Simply stretch a stocking section tightly over the area, dust on your shadow and when you lift the stocking away, the pattern is left behind! You're an instant mermaid!

  • Complementary Colors

    Orange and blue are opposite one another on the color wheel, making this pair especially striking. Vivid colors like this are most impactful when their texture is matte. NYX Cosmetics Primal Colors in Hot Blue and Hot Orange are well suited to a re-creation.

  • Golden Eye

    If you're more of a metal head, you can still sport a festival-ready look with a metallic glitter liner. Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner is ideal for adding a layer of sparkle on top of your regular black-winged cat eye.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    This deliciously bright but ethereal link would be right at home at any festival. The addition of white keeps the look light. Try accenting your bright shadows with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk both underneath to intensify your brights and at the inner corner.

  • Yellow Pop

    I am not usually a fan of yellow eye shadow but, when used as an accent as seen here, it's quite lovely! The dotted liner adds a playful touch to this look and says, "I'm here to party." Try accenting your pink and purple eye look with the yellow in Revlon's Colorstay Quad in Exotic.

  • Royals

    Pressing a regal gold pigment all over the lid takes a purple smoky eye to a whole other regal level. Lorde may never be a royal, but you will be. Try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's Loose Colour Concentrate in Flawed. Don't be afraid to surround your eye with a wash of amethyst to really offset the gold.

  • Electric Lids

    Make a smoky eye festival-ready by lighting up your lids with neon green! When working with uber-bright shadows, I like to keep the textures matte like this.The Urban Decay Electric Palette will help you easily create this glowing neon look.


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