Five Picks for Spring: Tried & Tested

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It’s spring and time to clean out our makeup bags and update with a few new trends. In makeup, spring 2007 broke away from the dramatic black-gray smokey eye and reinvented it with pink, blue, and purple pastels. This spring, the natural look is in (yes, less is more … until the sun goes down), but you can still incorporate the pastels from last year. Also, ROY G. BIV is back, so we can all have fun playing with color to change our daytime looks into a night look to die for. I’ve been trying and testing all the latest spring arrivals and these are my fave five for spring 2008:
1. Shu Uemura’s Glow On, $21.00
Shu Uemura has an extensive line of blushes that fit every skin tone. They come in matte and pearl finishes. For daytime use, lightly apply color over your cheeks, such as a light beige, pink, or coral. You can accent this by applying a light amount of complimenting shimmer powder. Why Shu Uemura? Unlike MAC blush that is highly pigmented, as it is meant for the stage and messy stains (i.e., Benefit’s Benetint), Shu Uemura’s line goes on sheer and allows you to build the color for a stronger look. I love this product because it gives a beautiful, healthy, and natural glow.

Tip: I recommend using a contour brush, as it allows for a more precise application than a regular round blush brush. Start at the apple of your cheek, and in swift up-and-down motions, move the brush up towards the hairline. When you begin, you should apply more pressure (to deliver more color) and lighten up as you move up.
2. Chanel’s 4 Fleurs de Chanel, $ 65.00
The great thing about Chanel’s spring 2008 collection is that there are pre-set palettes with everything you need to create the perfect look for your eyes. This quad comes with colors that compliment each other and are easy to use, so we don’t have to fuss with color wheels ourselves. The quads are wonderful, especially for people who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis because they provide you with either cool tones (blues, grays, silvers, etc.) or warm tones (yellows, pinks, etc.), and there is a crease, highlight, all-over, and lid color. They are also compact, so they don’t require much space on your bathroom counter, and the essentials are all in the compact so you don’t have to go searching for individual products. In keeping with the classy, never aging look of Chanel, the colors are light and natural to suit everyone, young and old. As an added spring bonus, the shadows in this palette are shaped like camellias. If you are unsure where to use the colors, the artist at the counter will give you tips on what will look best with your eye and skin coloring.

3. Vincent Longo’s C-Scope Collection, $18.00–26.00
Vincent Longo never fails to impress me. He has tapped into ROY G. BIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) to create this excellent line of highly-pigmented products. While you can wear this during the day, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really know what you are doing. They are great for adding a punch to your look, without making you look like a rodeo clown (who got punched in the face!). The collection includes: eye liner (liquid), mascara (in white, blue, green, red, and yellow), lip gel, and lip liner (colors vary for the lip products).

Tip: Add some colored mascara to the tips of your lashes to accent your eyes. At night, apply a thick layer of colored eyeliner to the top eye lid and the lower corners of your eyelids to accentuate your look.

4. Becca’s Stick Foundation, $44.00
You can’t even think about incorporating spring trends if you don’t first have a good––preferably great––foundation. Becca’s stick foundation gives great coverage in thirty shades, so there should be a perfect shade for your skin tone. We’ve all had those days where we’ve applied our foundation and it looks great in bathroom lighting, and then we step outside and look unnaturally pink or orange in the sunlight … which is so completely the opposite of the natural look we’re going for this spring! Well, Becca’s foundation won’t do that at all! The way you look at home is the way you look outside. What you see is what you get.

Tip: True, stick foundations give more coverage, which (depending on how you apply it) can look a little caked-on. To avoid a plaster job, wet a sponge before using the foundation, to sheer it down. Make sure to apply a translucent powder after foundation to set your look for the day.

5. Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited, $23.00
Vampy red lips were all the rage last winter, but natural lips are the key to your spring look. Use a light pink, coral, or orange––yes, I said orange––during the day, and you can add a hint of red or other hue to give your lips a kick at night. Shu Uemura has the best array of hues and finishes for day and night looks to give you the most naturally delicious looking lips, no matter where you are. There are sixty-five shades to choose from in finishes that include matte, shimmer, pearl, and more. Finishes hot on 2008’s list are cream, semi-glossy, and pearl.

Tip: I always play with a lip color to make it work best for me. You can pair Rouge Unlimited with Shu Uemura’s Gloss Unlimited to keep the look light and natural. Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick so that you can control the amount of lipstick applied. Play with combinations of lipstick and gloss until you get the hue you want. I realize that orange is not the easiest color for most to pull it off—but don’t be intimidated. It can be very natural and pretty looking. Start with a gloss maybe and then have fun trying other shades and finishes of orange.


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