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Holiday Makeup Tips

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Smokey Eyes: A dramatic favorite, this is a holiday party classic. Apply a light shadow to your brow bone and the inside of your lids, sweep something darker – we like gray with a hint of iridescence –  across your lids, extending out as far as you like. Finish with black eyeliner that curls a bit past your lash line and plenty of mascara. Go for a light gloss or deep red lips for major drama.

Red Lips: Now's the time to play up your lips. Choose a red – cherry, cranberry, wine – that works with your skin tone and don't be afraid to gloss it up. Line your lips in the same shade to keep everything tidy and let them shine by pairing with a neutral eye.

Glitter: You can go demure or totally overboard, as mood dictates. Dust a little glittery body powder on your clavicle or your lids. You can sweep some glittering eye shadow on your lids or on the brow bones for more flash. Make sure to darken your eyelashes with mascara and apply some light cranberry gloss to your lips to finish it off.

Retreat To The '90s: You've seen the resurgence of '90s trends – they work for holidays too. Give your eyeliner a heavy hand on both your top and bottom lids and add a punchy plum mouth. But you don't have to go full matte – gloss it up.

Go Gold: Now's the time to pull out that gold shadow that sits unopened in your makeup drawer. Or swipe some gold gloss over your lip color. Dreamy warm bolds and bronzes look gorgeous this time of year – copper eye shadow, gold pencil, and warm peach blush with a hint of gold.

Makeup Avoiders: Never fear. You can eschew all sparkle and still celebrate the holidays. Thanks to Philosophy body wash, you can smell like eggnog, gingerbread, or peppermint bark. Be warned, dogs may follow you down the street.


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