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I Will be Their Voice

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My cause always has and always will be animal rights I don't think people are aware of the abuse that is done in the name of cosmetics and particularly the circus. Once I became aware of the injustice that was being done to animals when I went for an interview at what was called a commercial lab for a bookkeeping position and was horrified at being told that I would have to order the animals and that they were euthanized after the testing was done, that started my passion of never buying any product that was tested on animals and also ordered little booklets from Peta to distribute at work or to any one I knew. My other passion is picketing at Ringling Bros Circus in Ft. Myers FL and will continue to do so as long as I can. Being a product of the sixties this comes naturally to me. What I will say is that after twenty five years or so of pressure being but on cosmetics companies to stop this cruelty they are a number of major lines that no longer do animal testing but with any purchase that I think about of making and I am not sure of I contact the companies directly for a detailed explanation of what their procedures are. No testing done on final products is not good enough! Please check all your body lotions, shampoos etc for the logo usually a rabbit that states no animal testing. Thank you for reading.


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