JWOWW's Beauty Basics: Light Pink Lips

Guidettes are a rare breed of beauty. It really takes some confidence to go against the latest trends, but if you’ve got the right attitude, you can pull it off.
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That being said, I hardly ever wear dark lip colors. For me, light and pale pinks or nudes work because they’re a good contrast for my dark, smoky eyes and loads of liner (another element of guidette beauty). The lighter lip balances out the drama going on up top. Trust me, if you overdo both you're walking the line to zoo creature status, LOL.

Here are some light shades you can pick up if you wanna give this guidette element a try:


Left to right: Laura Mercer light nude pink, YSL light creamy pink, Hourglass light peachy beige, KA'OIR nude

What’s your favorite lip color? Tell me in the comments below!

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