Luscious Lips: Our Favorite Things

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Let’s face it: chapped lips can strike when you least expect it, even in balmy weather. What’s a girl to do with pale, cracked lips? Buy a lip product! It’s the solution to everything. Feeling blue? Grab a sexy gloss. In the mood for some smooching? Dab on a luxurious balm. These brands are our tried-and-true staff faves.

Annie Tucker Morgan, Editor


I’ve always hated my lips. My mouth looks exactly like my dad’s: small and narrow. But since I dislike the look of Restylane-injected puckers like the one Lindsay “Trainwreck” Lohan has been sporting recently even more than I do my own natural one, I rely on LipFusion plumping gloss to give myself the illusion of having at least a little something to work with. Who knows whether it actually works, but the tingly feeling it produces when I apply it makes me feel like it does. Plus, it comes in a nice sheer pink shade that goes with everything. Until I surrender to the needle, you’ll never catch me without a tube of this stuff.

Bijani Mizell, Editorial Assistant


As a “wears makeup only when I’m out on the town” kind of gal, I’m always on the lookout for beauty products that enhance, not mask, what I look like. But finding a lipstick or gloss that complements my mocha skin is near impossible. When I discovered Chanel Aqualumière Gloss in Bubble Plum, the heavens opened and angels started singing … well, not really. But the rich, yet sheer, mauve gloss is a godsend. It keeps my lips moist for hours and gives me that just-ate-a-raspberry-Popsicle stain that I love so much. It’s like me, but prettier—not a Barbie clone. As Coco said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Just like my gloss.

Vicki Santillano, Staff Writer


During a bad bout of chapped lips a few winters ago, I came across salvation in an unlikely place: a Whole Foods checkout display. Among the bounty of Burt’s Bees products on the endcap, one caught my eye—Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil—and found its way into my basket. One glide of the balm brought an immediate surge of moisture, a pleasantly sweet scent, and a touch of berry color to my drought-plagued lips. Years later, I stash multiple tubes in my purses and desk drawers so they’re never far from reach. Thank goodness for that endcap, because when my lips need subtle plumping with a hefty dose of soothing goodness, nothing beats Burt’s.

Nicole Deterding, Partner Coordinator


As a lover of lip gloss and the occasional lipstick, I have a hard time passing up flavored, sparkly, Grapesicle lip gloss from Victoria’s Secret. But that takes second prize to my first and greatest lip-product love: Natural Ice Cherry. Natural Ice is Mentholatum’s medicated lip protectant with SPF 15, and is, in my opinion, the best invention of all time. It’s the lip balm that does it all. Glide the stick across your lips and experience the cool comfort it provides, the faint medicated, cherry aroma that fills your nostrils, and, best of all, the lack of that waxy, gross taste you get from other lip balms. Get yourself some Natural Ice and pucker up with the smoothest lips of your life.

Allison Ford, Staff Writer


I’m generally not a lip balm person, so when I do wear it, I don’t want a lot of fancy-flavored or mentholated nonsense; I just want something for dry days or times when I desire just a little shine. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is perfect because it’s simple. No scent, no color, no flavor, no bells and whistles … just a clean, soft feeling. It contains petroleum jelly, a sunscreen (which is of paramount importance to me), and not much else. It’s saved my skin many times during harsh East Coast winters, and it’s the next-best thing to nothing at all.



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