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Maintaining Your Best Look Throughout the Day

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Sure your makeup looks great, but how do you keep it looking great? If you applied your makeup adequately, you only need to carry a few items to maintain your look:

  • Lip color and liner
  • Compact powder with mirror
  • Powder puff and/or brush
  • Facial tissue

Some people feel better carrying every cosmetic they possibly can because maintaining a “fresh” look is important. I agree—nothing looks fresher than newly applied makeup. There are many excellent cosmetic bags. The list above should be enough to maintain your look without carrying an entire makeup counter with you wherever you go.

Tools of the Trade
The following items are tools you need in order to best apply your makeup.

Drug Store Products:

  • Brush cleaner—a spray-on disinfectant cleaner for quick, daily maintenance of your brushes
  • Cotton pads—to apply toner and powder and to remove eye makeup
  • Foundation sponge—to blend the foundation once it is applied by finger
  • Facial tissue—to clean and blot
  • Cotton swabs—to apply, clean and blend

Professional Products:

  • Concealer brush—a synthetic bristle brush (natural fibers will absorb the oil in the concealer and become ruined) used to apply concealer and foundation to specific areas, ideal for finishing
  • Contour eye shadow brush—an angled or cone-shaped eye shadow brush for more specific shadow application, usually for darker colors in the crease of the eye
  • Eyebrow brush—to groom brows and to apply and blend brow color
  • Eyeliner brush—to apply liquid or cake liner, smudge pencil, and add shadow over eyeliner
  • Eye shadow brush—to generally apply eye shadow and blend different intensity shadows
  • Lip brush—to apply lip color and blend lip liner
  • Blush brush—to apply blush as either contour, highlight or for a flushed look
  • Powder brush—to apply face powder and to remove excess powder

The first five items above can be found at any drug store. The other items, however, should be bought with care. Your brushes are an investment that will last far longer than any piece of makeup, and most quality brushes come with a lifetime guarantee. Your brushes are always on your face so choose the highest quality possible within your budget. The better tool can make a world of difference.


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