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Makeup Trends for Spring 2014


Minimal Contouring
Ditch the structured contour and highlight lines for spring 2014: It's time for a softer, natural look. We're leaving behind the angular contours of the fall and winter and opting for just a little bronzer at the hollows of your cheeks, and even less around your hairline and jawline. Less is more!

Berry Lips
There's nothing more feminine and attractive than a set of hydrated lips with a berry tint. Here's what I recommend: Dab on a sheer berry lipstick sans liner, and using your finger, just dab all around the border of your lips for a softer appearance. My favorite berry color for spring? It's not even a lipstick. It's the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal, and it's the perfect rose/berry color for the season.

Gold, in all different shades, is flattering on anybody. Either sweep a sheer layer over your lids and finish off with some mascara for a more natural look or, like I have in the photo, use it to add an accent to a standard cat eye for a little more drama.

Glowing Skin
Minimal makeup and glowing skin are going to be huge this year, so you're going to see a lot of natural skin and less foundation. And who wouldn't be okay with a low maintenance beauty routine for the spring? The key is to keep your skin in great shape, so get yourself into a sold skincare routine to let that beautiful skin shine through!

No Liner
Instead of using eyeliner, focus on a wash of color over the lids, both opaque and sheer, vibrant and neutral. A no-liner look is more ethereal. Achieve the look by sweeping a warm neutral shade across the lids, then line the bottom lash with the same color for a smoky, natural look.

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