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Making Sense of Mascara

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Whether you’re shopping online, at the drug store, or at the department store makeup counter, deciphering the many different types of mascara can be confusing. Which type is best for you? Consider these pros and cons of several commonly found kinds of mascara:

Waterproof MascaraIf you’re prone to emotional outbursts or spend a lot of time in the rain or the pool, this is the product for you. This type of mascara is less likely to smudge or streak, but can be difficult to remove (use Vaseline), and some kinds are harsh to your lashes.

Thickening MascaraThis is ideal for giving those with thin, fine lashes a lush look. Be careful, though, to apply this type of mascara with a light hand to avoid that 1960s “Twiggy” look.

Lengthening Mascara—This product does just as the name suggests when you coat your lashes patiently with two to three coats. It’s best to choose a higher-end product to avoid clumping.

Non-Clumping MascaraIf clumping is a problem for you, consider these products, which include glycerin among their ingredients to combat sticking. The wand is generally longer on these so you can apply this mascara in long, even strokes.

As with most makeup products, the goal in applying mascara—whichever type you choose—should be to achieve a natural look, where the product enhances your looks without drawing attention specifically to your lashes.

By Sandy Mitchell, RedTagCrazy


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