Pack Light: Beauty Product Essentials

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With more airlines increasing fees to check luggage, making the most of your carry-on bag is essential. If you love products and have favorites that are must-haves on your next weekend getaway, TSA restrictions on liquids can throw a wrench into your packing plans. Here are some tips to help you save money and travel with all your favorite beauty products:

  • If you use any prescription topical skin medications or moisturizers, ask your dermatologist for a couple of sample sizes. They will help get you through a fabulous weekend without sacrificing quart-size bag space.
  • Go to a department store and ask for a sample size of your favorite perfume
  • Even better than mini bottles, many perfumes come in a solid form that it’s easy to pack and looks like lip balm.
  • Try mineral makeup. The lightweight formula is ideal for oily or combination skin. They come in affordable drugstore brands like L’Oreal and CoverGirl.
  • Dry shampoo, in spray or powder form, can be applied to your hair, especially at the scalp, to soak up excess oil and give flat hair more life and bounce.
  • If you wear contacts, fill a couple of extra contact cases with fresh solution instead of packing a bottle. Drugstores sell travel bottles of contact solution, but you can snag a free one at your next visit to the optometrist.
  • Opt for a bar of soap instead of a bottle of body wash.
  • Save any mini bottles and sample-size containers you get to be filled with all of your favorite products.



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