Purple Glitter New Year's Eye

Ring in 2014 with this dazzling glitter eye makeup look. From first toast to ball drop, this tutorial will keep your eyes shining all night.

Start this eye look with a primed lid. This will keep your shadow in place and sparkling all night. Use a blending brush to pick up a light purple and blend the shadow inward and to the crease. Apply the same shadow along the lower lash line. Accent the outer corner of the eye with a dark purple shadow. Next use a matte vanilla shade to highlight your brow bone. Brush a sparkling champagne shade in the inner corner of your eye. Use a black pencil to line your top lash line, smoking it out with a smudge brush. Then line your lower lash line with the eyeliner left on the smudge brush. Next is the fun part—glitter! Pat glitter adhesive on the middle and outer corner of each eyelid. Then dip your finger into cosmetic glitter and dab it onto the adhesive. (Cosmetic glitter is more finely ground and safer for the eye than craft glitter.) Put a coat of mascara on your lashes. Add a line of lash glue on your falsies and while you're waiting for the glue to get tacky, curl your real lashes. Apply your false lashes. For lips, swipe on a pinky nude color. Then dab shiny gloss in the center of your lips and enjoy your full pout and sparkling eyes.


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