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Smudged Eyeliner: Add a Little Sexy to Your Eyes


This is very simple to do, yet looks dramatic enough for a date night or holiday party. I used black liner, softened and smudged out with a dark brown shadow, but feel free to try it with colors like plum, charcoal or navy. I used a dark brown to smudge out black liner because I wanted a softer almost gradient-like effect. You can smudge with like-colored shadows or ones slightly lighter or darker. I created a very smudged-out liner look on this purple smoky eye look too.

Using shadow to smudge your pencil liner will make it last longer and smudge less.

Another great thing about wearing liner smudged out with shadow is that it’s easier. If you don’t draw a perfect line with the pencil, no worries! You’re going to soften and refine it with your smudge brush, hiding any wiggles along the way. Enjoy trying different liner and shadow pairings!

The products I used are:

Watch my video below to see the smudging in action.

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