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Winter Makeup Trends for 2014

Fuller Brows
On the runway we saw very full, thick brows which was more of an editorial look. But for real girls, all it takes is a little filling in here and brushing. Take a brow pencil and draw a lot of small, quick strokes to mimick the way your brow hairs look, creating a more naturally full appearance. Beware of color, though: Don't use a brow product that's as dark or darker than your hair color if you're a brunette, go for a color that's two shades lighter. And if you're a light blond, use something that's about one shade darker and ashy. 

Easy on the Blush
Skin has been such a point of focus this season. Removing the blush from your makeup routine (or really minimizing) allows you to focus on creating your flawless canvas. You can either skip the blush altogether and opt for a light contour at your cheekbones, hairline, and jawline. Or, try this trick. Take a pink blush (either warm or cool; I'm warm but I tend to love a nice blue-based pink blush on my olive skin) that's slightly brighter and lighter than your complexion. Whether you're using a cream or a powder, dab on very little just below the outer corners of your eyes. A blush that's slightly lighter than your skin will really brighten up your whole face, but be sure to apply very conservatively.

Eyeliner Overload
With winter makeup going minimal this season, eyeliner is the focus. Winged, edgy, geometric—anything goes! Just punch up your eyeliner routine and make it the star of your makeup look. Personally, I've never been a fan of eyeliner combined with a ton of eyeshadow; I prefer using one or the other. I'm glad to see this trend everywhere. Leave your lids shadow free and line 'em up!

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