Woman: True Warriors and Their Paint

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You know the drill. Wake up, shower, dress, and paint. Paint? Yes, paint. For love is a battlefield and we are the true warriors of the heart. If that isn’t a cheesy line I don’t know what is. The point being that, woman everywhere are preparing for battle. Up against some of the most terrifying of enemies. Such as: acne, freckles, blotchy complexions, wrinkles, under eye bags, chapped lips, etc. fighting desperately for what every woman knows is rightfully hers … true love. Sigh, a noble cause indeed.

And so the fight against nature continues, for only with a flawless beauty can a woman achieve in claiming the truest of love. True love in any form. Whether it be that of a man’s affection, the adoration of others, or perhaps, even to find a love of ourselves. I myself am a warrior. My paint brush as worn and used as the rest. My face covered. My purse filled with Almay, Maybelline, and Cover Girl, I arm myself with the weapons I might be forced to use as this war rages on.

We are sometimes fearsome creatures. Our faces, like masks that come in many forms. Our paints enable us to use many of a woman’s most powerful of weapons: seduction, lust, beauty, innocence, flirtation, playfulness, dreaminess, and some of the more subtle attacks such as, eye batting and coy smiles.

The war continues. We the warriors press on. We are the true warriors. We fight for the heart. We paint for love. 


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