Whether you're a plain colored nail polish type or a bedazzled nail art type, we have something for you. We show you the new nail polish lines for upcoming seasons, nail tutorials from your favorite nail bloggers and tips and tricks on nail care to keep your digits beautiful and healthy.
The cost of getting and maintaining a professional manicure can be expensive, and DIY nail art is time-consuming and requires skill. Luck for you, many brands offer nail strips in myriad designs and colors. Check out the brands that make... more
Dress up your nails with this stylized version of the wisest of woodland creatures. Whooo can create this two-tone owl nail-art design? Why, anyone. Here's how.
Halloween is one of the best times of the year to experiment with hair, makeup, and style choices you wouldn't usually make. Likewise for nails. These Halloween nail designs are fun, easy to re-create, and a bit morbid—the perfect... more
Rocker chick, floral goddess, classic beauty—you can change your nails as often as you change your mind. No matter what title you're aiming for, black nail designs are the way to achieve it.
Don't let thick or gloppy nail polish ruin your mani or pedi. We have the tips and tricks you need to rescue tired polish and to prevent the problem from happening in the first place.
Take nautical nails to a whole new level with this sea-worthy look that combines anchors, stripes and cartoon pirates for a mani that's worth its weight in gold.
If you've just started another new school year, get yourself in the spirit with one of these 12 school-theme nail designs. From apples to graduation caps, these fun mani ideas from our favorite nail bloggers are sure to make you look like... more
Need a different look for this year's Halloween nails? Want to venture away from blood and creepy crawlies? How about these cracked tombstone Halloween nails? To the naked eye, these look almost as horrific as they sound, but creating them... more
Do you ever find yourself lingering in the nail polish aisle at Ulta only to walk away with a ho-hum color or nothing at all? Finding the cutest on-trend color that suits your personal style preferences can be tricky and tiring. Why not... more
Give your nails a little touch of femininity with petite bows in this dressed-up take on the classic French manicure.
Pair a popular technique with a much-loved shape, and you have a nail art design that's simply out of this world. Follow along with these simple steps to get the look yourself!
Summer may be coming to a close, but you can keep the beach party going well into the cooler months with this colorful tropical nail design. Follow our simple steps to re-create the look yourself!
Have an eye for interesting nail art? Then this look is for you! Try your hand at this Egyptian-inspired nail art design for an eye-catching look your friends will envy. (Okay, no more puns, I promise.)
If going back to school means football, tailgating and fun Friday nights, then you'll love this nail design. An easy-to-paint megaphone will put your spirit right on your spirit fingers. Three cheers for back-to-school nails!
Pink is our go-to color when we want to feel ultra-feminine. What girl doesn't want to feel as though she has stepped into a fairy tale every once upon a time? Whether you want a subtle, sweet or bold pink nail design, we've got you... more
You don't have to fly to a tropical destination for a snorkeling excursion to get a glimpse of the beauty in the sea. With this nail art tutorial, it's easy to paint your favorite underwater scenes, such as coral and starfish, right on... more
Don't settle for daydreaming about that beach vacation. Bring the beach to your nails with this splashy design for beach nails. Here's how to get the look.
Nothing says "back to school" like a box of crayons. Give your tips a sentimental finish with this nail art tutorial inspired by a childhood favorite.
Keep your summer nails light and refreshing with this kiwi-inspired nail art design. Our step-by-step tutorial makes it easy.
This rose-and-geometric nail art is as pretty as a cottage garden with its trellis full of blooming garden roses. Here's a tutorial on how to paint your own bloomers.
Weekend binge sessions with Netflix and HBO Go are some of the best times to break out your nail kit, so it's only natural that polish fanatics around the Web have nail design ideas inspired by hit TV shows. Take a look at some of the best... more
Check out some of our favorite nail art designs from blogger Sammy Tremlin of The Nailasaurus! Sammy is a master of designing beautiful manicures that look great on short nails.
Give your nails a vintage feel with a modern twist using this easy tutorial for a damask nail design. Damask print is stunning on nails, because it's usually done with contrasting, standout colors for a classic nail design that's not going... more
Few things spur the imagination more than a good book, so if your nail art designs have been feeling a little dull lately, what better way to breathe new life into them than by channeling your favorite fictional characters? Transform your... more
When it comes to edgy fashion, studs are badass on garments and accessories, and this season, they're a must-have for your mani. These glue-on gems may be the simplest way to get the perfect 3-D nails, so we've rounded up 18 nail art... more
Show your patriotic spirit with 4th of July nails. This nail art tutorial shows you how to wear this look two different ways, depending on your style and skill level.
Try this easy nail art tutorial featuring everyone's favorite woodland creature hiding amid a field of floral fingertips. What does the fox say? Super cute!
Remember the red-white-and-blue banners hung out for Independence Day picnics? These festive 4th of July nails also make something memorable to bring to the picnic!
Play up your nails this season using bright polishes and lively prints. These 15 summer nail designs will transport you to the beach while also letting you indulge in calorie-free ice cream. Whether you plan to spend your days lying by the... more
Put a twist on your typical flower nail art with a design built on a blank background for an airy appearance. If you can make dots, you can pull off these flower nails!
If you've got an seaside vacation planned, then you'll need this tutorial for an easy beach nail design featuring bouncy, colorful beach balls! It's a detail you can add to all your nails or just one for a summery nail look sure to get... more
You scream, I scream, we all scream for this yummy ice cream nail design. Cool your nails with this frozen treat.
Inspired by the nautical anchor design that's omnipresent in the summer months, this nail-art look is perfect for days spent lounging poolside or on the beach.